Exclusive Free Offer of Services. Limited time only.

Dear Friends,

I have an exclusive, one time offer for all my blogging friends on wordpress.com.

I am looking to provide some paid services.


Well, I was made redundant in October 2019, from a fabulous part time job, where I worked Monday, Wednesday, Friday. This allowed me to be there for my mum, making sure her health was not stretched. Tuesday and Thursday my mum and I dedicate our morning to some volunteering work and still do. Realistically I won’t get such a break now. Additionally, winter seems to be going on forever and mum’s health and even mine is playing up. So, like a lot of the blogging world, I am trying to earn some money. Eek , I said it! But.. that is the reality .

Services Being Offered

What I am thinking of offering in terms of paid services are

  1. Creation of Graphics via Canva.com, so that you can use as your blog feature image, in your blog, on instagram. Up to 3.
  2. Transcription services. Zero draft of may be a podcast, or any audio file. Only in English language.
  3. Non Pinterest blogger: the creation of graphics linked to a few of your blog posts, shared on my pinterest account. Which may then lead to pinterest refers to your blog. 3 graphic for 3 blog posts that link in with my pinterest account. My pinterest account has 76K impressions, and is beginning to account for small growth in my blogging stats. I get click through from my pinterest to my blog even on my days that I don’t blog. *** But, the caveats is, you know social media is fickle and there is no guarantee that you will get click through to your blog for any work I do.
  4. Training course on goal setting, on canva.com. Or course on using certain block editor functions? . Do you have any ideas?
  5. ..any one have any other ideas?

Before, I can offer a paid service, I thought I need to test the waters with you all.

Could you let me know out of the above options what would you be interested in? Comment below. I would love to hear from you on option 4 and 5, meaning is there something you feel I could offer you as a paid service, that you feel from knowing me and my blog I could help you with.

The Exclusive Offer for March 2020 only.

I am offering 3 – 5 bloggers a free service for the first 3 options. Ultimately, that would be a different blogger on each of the different services, for the month of March 2020 or for 5 weeks. For option 1 and 3, I might give the free offer to two bloggers, meaning 2 for option 1 and two for option 3.

Why, I am I doing this. I need to test the waters, I need to test that I can handle this, that I can deliver, and get feed back and hopefully positive reviews so that I can move forward with a paid service. If you are interested please comment below and which service you want from 1 to 3. And if you have ideas on option 4 and 5 I would love to hear them.

I will hand pick who the luck bloggers are. Make sure you have a way I can contact you via email somewhere on your blog. For option 3, your blog needs to be similar to my pinterest boards. For option 2 we can discuss.

This offer is open today Thursday 27th Feb and will close 1st March 2020. After which I will work with the luck winners!

Thank you.

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  1. Hmm, I must admit I’ve dabbled with both canva and Pinterest but never really got very far. Canva is good but I’ve never really had the time to pursue it in any great depth and Pinterest well, I’ll be honest, I don’t quite understand the process. But I do have an account on both so I am quite interested. If you want to use me as a ‘tester’ or a ‘guinea pig’ I’d be happy to help. Might be fun. Anyway, good luck with this idea Bella, I think it’s great that you’re stepping out and offering your services.

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  2. This is extremely generous of you to offer these services to others. I have an instagram account and another blog that is not in any way associated with this one. I would love to have some graphics created for that account, if I am one of the lucky winners. Thank you for the opportunity! 🙂

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    • Thanks Robbie. A lot of people were made redundant that day. And another round of redundancies happened just a month after. I can’t offer my career skills as a business analyst here I cant see how to apply it.

      So offering blogging type offers. I am still learning.

      Thanks for your comment and thoughts. I will wait for all responses before getting back to anyone

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  3. A great idea, Bella and I too am on Instagram and had twitter and pintarest but then removed. Sometimes these social media becomes too much for me. So my gmail and facebook and wordpress is good for me. As Miriam said go ahead and make us guinea pigs we are ready. All the very Best in life, Bella and God bless for anything that you do in life. My support is always there with you.

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  4. I am sorry you lost your job Bella, and I hope new doors open easily for you. Testing the water is a great idea. I have a Canva account which I have used a lot. I let go of my mobile phone last year so I can no longer post on Instagram or Pinterest. However, I am finding it enough to blog and share on Facebook and Twitter. Good luck.

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  5. Hi Bella sorry to hear you were made redundant. I hope this can lead to bigger / better things. Although I don’t need the services provided have you thought of looking into freelance writing?

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