A Poem For International Women’s Day

The untold story we hold inside.

The story behind the smile.

The bravery when all you want is a hug.

The courage when all you want is someone to hear.

Fallen down time and time again. You picked your self up time after time.

Sometimes it is too much to bare.

Sometimes in reflection you wonder how did I survive, cope, even smile.

How did I face all that. Yet, in the rush of life, of doing, and getting on with it there was no time to feel, to understand or to comprehend.

Call it the innocence of youth, the rush of life, whatever.

Whatever, it was a blessing not to see or realise the bad behaviour of others.

What are you going to do with that knowledge? It serves no good. It would only cause pain.

A women stoic in the cruel games of life.

Quietly at night you might cry for all the woe of this world can be too much for anyone.  But, you found in Him, or he found you– The Divine, he who showered you with  love and comforted you ~He keeps you close as you keeps  Him Close.  The Divine takes care of us all only if we hold his hand.  He give us the courage to carry on.

We have come so far. We have so much further to go. We are not alone even though we may feel it. For the divine is by your side.


Happy International womens day.

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