If you lose:- Health, Wealth or Character?

This a repost of an old post that stands true today. To this post I would like to add, I believe we are Souls, points of light and we are immortal. Our original qualities are peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy. Our personality is the personality is that of peace. It the rebirth into a human being, birth after birth as a human being that we have forgotten we are immortal Souls, spiritual energy. And it this body consciousness that has lead to fear, anger, ego, lust and greed.

Earning money is essential to living, but it is not living, nor is it success. Success is to be a good person, one with character, one who is always showing the best qualities of the soul. As souls, we are children of the supreme soul. We take a body, the supreme does not.

As we globally face covid-19 with society being isolated and self isolation taking place. Do not see the negative. See the opportunity to meditate, to return the original qualities of you the Soul. To enhance your character your goodness, to be Silent. To take peace and strength from the ocean of peace, aka the divine the supreme.

On that note I will do my best to share a meditation more frequently for all us to practise for ourself and to share with the world.

Finally, here is the content that matches the title of this post. I hope you are able to see the higher importance of life.

If you lose:- Health, Wealth or Character?

What have you lost if you lose health, wealth or character ?  Or all three?  Have you ever given this any thought?

If youloose2

The Analysis of each line.

If you lose your wealth – you have lost something   When we lose money, we will feel a pinch of some sort, but we can always get money back by working hard.

If you lose your health – you have lost a lot  When we lose health, we lose something.   We are not talking a common cold.  We are talking an illness.  After an illness  we never become 100% healthy.   We get better, but there is a change,  it might be a small change or a large change in our health.  Therefore, it has an impact on our life.

If you lose your character – you have lost everything.    Our character brings up when we fall.  If we lose money  and we have a character we can earn money again.  If we lose health, our character will compensate for it.   Character  is defined to be our behaviour,  our sincerity, our trustworthiness, our honesty,our integrity,  our morality,  our humanity, our compassion, our benevolence.  Loss of character means to be  greedy,  to be selfish, being unkind,  being ruthless, hurting others deliberately, manipulating , and  all those horrible personality traits.    When we lose our good character, we lose our own self respect and the respect of  others.  We become un-trustable and we create negative karmic account!

Live a life that makes you proud, that makes you wise, that makes you your own inspiration, your own role model.  Be the best.  So what if the world is becoming immoral or amoral or both!  So what! Make sure you are of good character.  Because karma doesn’t compare you to another, your karma is your karma to be enjoyed by you alone!

This is a saying by I don’t know who.  But My parents always said this to us when we were young.   Your character is your everything.     With your character you can rise from falling in terms of wealth and health.  But if you lose you character in doing a wrong deed then you have lost beyond words.   As most of you know I believe in Karma.   As you sow, so  Sow shall your reap.  Sow good -reap good.  

I would like to think I am of good character most of the time, well  I strive for it.  As Gandhi said,   Don’t be afraid to walk in the opposite direction of the crowd – if the crowd is walking in the wrong direction.  Always be one with a good character.

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8 thoughts on “If you lose:- Health, Wealth or Character?

  1. Profound pointers of being positive and how we need to take care of ourselves at a time when many things are going in the negative and to take care of the virus that is killing many people around the globe. Thanks so much for your inspiring share, Bella.


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