Panic Buying – Doesn’t Help Society or the Spread of Covid-19

So, globally panic has happened. Shops are bare.

There is game we have all all played, that says in x situation what would you do? Do you save yourself, or save the many?

There is a quote that say’s no man is an island.

Care for everyone not just yourself.

So, if one person buys 20 times their need. It means 20 of your neighbours are without. Meaning, there is a 20 times likely hood of spread!

Is your job of a street cleaner, a bin man, a police man on the beat, in a hospital, in a supermarket, pharmacy yes or no? So, then how much hand sanitizer do you need per day?

If you travel on public transport you may need more. In an office you may need a little more? But, not as much as the bin man or the street cleaner?

We all need handwashing

What is the craziness with toilet rolls? I don’t think being constantly on the loo is symptom of covid-19! .

If we carry on as normal, and buy normally, we save the wider population and that is our safety. If we panic buy we deprive others and we make sure covid-19 spread faster, because of our selfishness.

Think of the fragile person, the health worker, the key worker, who can’t buy their basic shop because you have taken it all.

This panic buying will cause other issues, and will leave people without, causing faster spreading.

Again, I remind you of the quote, no man is an island?

And I ask you think of the greater good, of your neighbours, of society, of the key workers and fragile. If you have too much it means a neighbour or 20 neighbours of yours have less. It means the virus will spread faster.

At a time we should be coming together, we can’t be selfish.

Understand the domino effect of your stock piling and panic buying! If less people have the essentials then they can’t take the precautions and covid-19 spreads faster.

LIVE NORMALLY, otherwise, you are the reason of the lack of another, and indirectly a big spread.

Ps, being selfish is a negative karmic account! As we sow, sow shall we reap! Live normally for the wider good of your society, your country, your earth!

Thank you for popping by. I am sorrow to rant! And sorry for being blunt ! But, seriously people!


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21 thoughts on “Panic Buying – Doesn’t Help Society or the Spread of Covid-19

  1. Quite agree with you!
    And doctors have pointed washing with soap is equally effective.
    There are many who can’t buy a hand-wash.
    And people in vilkages use good old red Lifeboy Soap.
    Hand-wash is a fad of our times

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