Two Guided Meditations – Beyond Fear and The Healer, and few thoughts and quotes.

I am an immortal Soul.

I The Soul am an eternal, point of light, of energy.

It is I that enter a body and that leave’s a body. That is why, when someone dies it is said may their Soul rest in peace. When I the Soul talk about the body I say “my body”. I don’t say I the body.

I am a Soul. We are all Souls, we are immortal, and eternal points of light energy. Our original qualities are peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy. The vices of anger, greed, ego, lust, and attachment are because we have forgotten that I am a Soul and not this body. It is the body that dies, not I the Soul. I never die, I the Soul am eternal. It is I that give energy to this body and this earth. I have taken rebirth as human many times. I always take birth as a human. Like a tomatoes seed will always be a tomatoe. The soul of human will always be human.

When I sit in silence and meditate, the supreme Soul can fill me with power, and peace and hug me.

The happiness and sorrow in my life are due to the seeds of thoughts, words, actions that I have created. Karma, is the law of what I sow so shall I reap. If I do good I get good. If I did bad I get bad. It is not God, who is in control of my life, I have free will. I am wholly responsible for each of my births and rebirth and positive or negative karma.

Meditation, is away to to tap into God love and his protection. He gives strengths in difficult times, or even in happy times. God, is the Ocean of love, peace, wisdom, joy, happiness. He is benevolent. He never comes into the cycle birth and rebirth, he is always constant. He never gets stuck in the maya of the body, of fear, worry, greed, ego, . He is above all of that. Only, because he is above this, can he save us from this sinking ship. He is the comforter of my heart of I the Soul.

I meditate daily as you all know. I might be so tearful, in so much pain when I start my meditation, but by the end of the meditation I am healed, I am new, I am in a Soul conscious state. God always hugs me and heals me. I encourage you to meditate daily, 3 times a day or once a day, and build your connection with the supreme Soul. You will never feel alone, you will always feel safe, and you will gain inner power, intuition, and quiet confidence.

Today I share 2 meditations. Go back through my blog for more meditations, I believe I have shared a meditation for the last four days.


Keep meditating and you will find inner peace and Inner strength. I hope you enjoy these, and enjoy a longer meditation experience.

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2 thoughts on “Two Guided Meditations – Beyond Fear and The Healer, and few thoughts and quotes.

  1. The first two quotes really speak to me. I had similar thoughts when I woke up, they were with me all morning, and now I read your blog and it’s like a confirmation of what I was thinking. πŸ™‚

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