Why is this Happening? Maybe..?

Maybe covid-19 is happening to bring the world together? To unite a divided world. To make us caring, kind, and loving to each other as well as the earth and the animal kingdom.

Has it come to wake us up? For us to realise? Realise, money is important but not as important as freedom and health. What is money, when there is no food? What is success? What does it matter any more, locked at home, worried and in fear, for we can’t control this?

Has covid-19 come to show us that we are still selfish. That we have panic brought, and left others short?

Has it come because this collective karma repayment of all the wrong humanity has done?

Has it come to make all vegetarian? The human being biological was not made to eat meat or fish, from our teeth, to our digestive track are meant only for vegetables and fruit?

In all test papers of life, we need to change, need to improve. Usually the test paper is at a individual level.

But, Covid-19 is global? Why is it global, what are we to learn from this, collectively? What is the lesson?

Maybe this is this a lesson, Maybe it is to bring harmony, unity, kindness and compassion. To wake us up to be united. To realise and take the hand of God? To be better human beings? To do good karma , that is to altruistic? To heal? To become united? To become good? To be more human than we have ever been for centuries?

We need to return to the original qualities of the Soul. That is peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy. Not, ego, greed, attachment, lust, and anger as these are body consciousness. I am a Soul , I am immortal, I am eternal, I drive this body, I am not this body, this body is just a vehicle.

Just a few questions to make us think of the why, the lessons, and the end result of unity? We can’t carry on living the way we live?

I found this on instagram. Maybe this why covid-19 has come? Maybe this the cleaning process that human being become good, and heaven returns to earth? Maybe? Maybe there is a blessing here?

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