Hope – Faith – Love

from instagram posted by stay.positive.in.life

Don’t lose hope.

Don’t fear. All negative thoughts weaken the immune system.

Stay positive, stay faithful, stay loving, believe you will be okay and you are perfectly healthy and you will be.

But stay at home, wash your hands, keep the distance, cough and sneeze in a tissue and bin it.

Together with positive thinking and physical cautions you will be safe and healthy. Meditate daily will make you feel so good.

Remember we are Immortal Soul not this body. The body dies, but I the Soul am immortal. The qualities of I the Soul is love, peace, purity, wisdom and joy. Not anger, fear, lust, ego and greed.

This virus has come to make us go inside and be I the Soul, not the Body.

Here is a link to a meditation on resilience. Enjoy it.


Be inspired and don’t lose hope. Stay positive , follow the law, social distancing , it is for the worlds safety and yours. Read my post on staying at home here

After night day surely comes.

This covid-19 will go away if we follow the government lockdown laws. Meditate, go inside, be positive, have faith, hope and love, and all will be well. Follow the lockdown, stay safe. Stay faithful in God and the laws. Stay positive, because negativity weakens you immune system.

from instagram posted by stay.positive.in.life

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