Naturally and Deeply Silence

There are moments in life, where a deep sense of silence comes into life. There is no want to speak. Just to meditate, just to link with God. I the Soul to supreme Soul and connect in silence. I the Soul am a being of Peace and Silence is the religion of the self.

Silence is a great healer. Silence sharpens the intuition. Makes better decisions. Silence is deep, deeper than the deepest ocean. Silence is power, silence is strength, silence is everything. Silence is golden

I find myself in deep silence, not wanting to speak, but to remain in deep sweet silence.

There is so much more to life, than material gain. A selfless love for humanity and just to be in Gods company. If you have felt Gods love then you will never feel alone, lost, hopeless, or fearful, for he will raise you, and carry you beyond such mortal feelings, into the unlimited, the truth, that I the Soul am Immortal that I am peace, love, purity, wisdom and joy. That I am not alone. He is with me.

I find myself in deep silence, not wanting to speak, but to remain in deep sweet silence.

Yesterday, 27th March 2020 2am India time our dearest Dadi Janki, 104 years of age, left her body, due to old age. Dadi Janki was the Adminstrative Head of The Brahma Kumaris. All the meditation I share are by students of the Brahma Kumaris. The Brahma Kumaris teach Raja Yoga Meditation you can find out more here.

Below is a video of Dadi Janki, which was created when she turned 100 . I hope you enjoy it.

Copyright the words to, clearly not the video.

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18 thoughts on “Naturally and Deeply Silence

  1. I have no words to say, Bella. Only that Dadi Janki was an Epitome of Compassion and Love and she had surrendered to God. Loved the way she smiled and joked and I did not find her serious though. Her eyes could look deep into everyone’s Soul. Thank you so much Bella will definitely go and see her videos on YouTube. She is an inspiration and would love to listen to her talks. Your post too was awesome on keeping Silence that is so profound and yes it is so good to keep silent at times. It sure is. Stay safe.

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  2. This resonates with me on a whole other level. Very sound and humbling experience to be in silence with God. Thank you for this post! Needed it.

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