When You Finally Leave Us

When you finally leave us.

What will we be left with?

A death toll so high.

Broken families.

Broken global economy.

Broken spirit. Broken internally.

Broken infrastructure.

Broken lives, broken country, broken world?

When you finally leave us, you will have stolen all that life holds dear.

You will leave us in a war torn world. Physically and mentally broken, and no war took place. But a war with an invisible enemy.

When you finally leave we praise the governments, the health workers, and all that help to banish you, never to return again.

In this testing time we learn kindness, courage and strength. We learn to be selfless. We learn to live without: all we want now is out of need and necessity.

When you finally leave us, we will be humbled, we will breakdown and cry.

When you finally leave us, we will know how to live a simple life. To be kind. To live in our means. To be grateful to each and every human being that helped become free of you.

When you finally leave us, we would have cried, fought, and laughed a 10000 times with our loved ones in this lockdown.

We are now forced to face with things that have been bubbling inside of us, but that the busyness of life, meant that we never faced.

When you finally leave us, we shall cheer. A world that is free of you.

When you finally leave us, will I be stronger or will I be broken? Will I have let each day destroy me little by little inside, or will I work hard to stay positive, hopeful, to make my character so bright. That like an angel, I shine positivity and hope from my one grocery trip in 10 days. That like a bright angel, from my house, I shine peace, purity, love and hope to the neighbours and the world.

When you finally leave us, we will cheer and sigh relief. But, you are destroying our whole life style, that when you finally leave us, I ask myself will I have the strength to fight another, different fight?

When you finally leave us, how will I be? Will I be broken, or will I be God’s angel? Will I be robust to take another fight?

Be careful of your daily thoughts, and fights with your family. Practise compassion, hear their inner pain, give them space, and give good vibrations from a distance. Love yourself. Give yourself space. Take God’s hand and all will be well. Because, when this virus finally leaves us, the world and we will be changed. Life will not spring back to the glory it was. Take this time to become emotionally and mentally strong. Learn to be frugal. Learn to be kind, compassionate, brave, humble and wise. Learn to use both ears, don’t hold the words spoken in frustration , in one ear out the other. Forgive and let go fast.

It is a hard time. We will be up and down multiple times a day. When you are strong, a family member will be in tears or vice versa. So be kind, be patient, be diplomatic. Be God’s angel and shine the light of hope and bravery, and a shoulder to cry on to listen

I pray this battle will not be long. For the shorter it is, it means the next battle hopefully won’t be so bad.

Parting thought…

Be careful of your mental and emotional well being during lockdown. Be realistic about the future. Learn to live a simple and frugal life. Learn to connect to God and take his support. This may be a long rollercoaster, but, I pray it ends soon. This post is not meant to negative, it is meant to inspire, a change in our thinking and living, that if we practise from now, until this things leaves us, we would have prepared quietly and diligently to face another fight.

When we are prepared emotionally and when we hold God’s hand then we remain stable in the face of difficulties. We may have a blip, but it will be short lived.

I deeply believe humanity has been forced into a wake up call. We need to wake up from our sleep!

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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

15 thoughts on “When You Finally Leave Us

  1. There’s always 2 sides of a coin from which to choose our focus on. It is the practice of right perspectives that can help us get through day after day. Knowing the facts is one thing but imagining the worse future scenarios adds to the suffering in the present moment. Hope, trust, dreams, possibilities, new normals, resilience, faith, compassion, empathy, stillness – some aspects on the other side of the coin keep me going – support from those others in practice empower me. Your post is very relevant and thought provoking.

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    1. Thank you. Most definately there are two sides to the coin. I agree with your comment. I feel in all this there are many lessons and growth opportunities for all of us. We will gain stamina in living a different life and we will appreciate much more.

      Thank you for your lovely comment

      Liked by 1 person

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