1. Do you have faith in yourself ?
  2. Do you have faith in God ?
  3. Do you have faith in your Family ?
  4. Do you faith in life, destiny or the universe ?

In whom should you place your confidence, trust, or faith in? Should it be with all of the above ? or 1 or 2? or none?

F – Fortitude . I trust I can get through this. We will get through this . We have faced many a test paper in life and rebirth. We have seen so much in past births that we don’t recall, but they are there in the memory track of the Soul. I am fortunate God is my companion. I am fortunate that I have always done my best to do good Karma – in this birth at least.

A – Acceptance in life an all that it holds. Knowing that I can handle all that comes my way. I accommodate and adjust my life as life requires me to. We are in such a time, that we have to adjust and accommodate for the greater good.

I – Independent but Interdependent. I stand strong in my shoes knowing God is guiding me. At the same time, I give strength to my family and friends and society.

T – Trust. I trust in myself. I trust in God. I trust in my destiny. I trust in my world family, my government, and the goodness of the whole world. I trust destiny for it is I who creates my destiny with all the actions and thoughts that bring me to today.

H – Humble and Honesty. I am humble in my ways. I am honest in my ways. I know I have done right according to Karma, therefore I have nothing to fear. I am an eternal Soul, immortal – again I have nothing to fear. I the Soul a point of light, a being, that is the being of the word ” Human Being “. I have sown good seeds and I will reap the benefits of my good karma.


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