March 2020 Exclusive offer Update.

At the end of February 2020 I offered an exclusive free offer for the month of March 2020 – details here. A few bloggers took up the offer mainly for option 1 and 3. They became my testers/ volunteers and some were extremely kind and paid for my services (which really melted my heart so much).

I am thankful to all thoses who allowed me to design and provide graphics for them. I am thankful to those who took me up on the offer on Pinterest Pins.

Both, activities provided a lot of learning and growth for me. I learnt what can work and what can’t work, and what to ask and what to expect.

Option 3 was a bit of a flop! Was it because March 2020 became the month of a world wide lockdown? However, the learning opportunity that my fellow bloggers gave me was invaluable. I really want to thank you all. You know who you are. I will definitely be doing blog post about Pinterest soon, so watch this space if you want to know more.

It is important to test the ground and chuck yourself into the deep end of life. Then, and only then can you know if it work and if you have the capacity to swim or sink. I have learnt a lot about me and our community, which help refine my services list.

Thank you to my Blogger Tester – Volunteers

I would like to thank all the bloggers who were kind enough to be my testers, who allowed me to create designs for them and I learnt what I needed to learn. I am very thankful to those bloggers who generously paid for my graphics services even though the offer was free – you have melted my heart forever.

In terms of my services going forward.

I can offer option 1 – Graphics created in for users as that is where my strength is. I can offer this services as of today.

I believe my prices are reasonable. The price will be bespoke based on the requirement. For example a very simple design could be as little as £5.00 GBP. But, everything is negotiable. It all depends on your needs, the clarity of your request, the iterations to create the design, my effort and time and any special nuances that may occur during the design.

Having said that is free tool and you can create your own design. I have even created a blog post on how you can create a design, click here.

Canva, is a fabulous tool. You can create anything from blog banners, to instagram post, to pinterest post. It is quite easy to use. I should not say this, as I shoot myself in the foot when this a paid service I offer. Nevertheless, honesty is my policy and It is the way I live my life. I use canva for everything now and I have gained a lot of proficiency in it and I have learnt a lot about wordpress banners too ( nothing is as easy as it looks believe me!).

I still want to offer other services like option 2 (transcription of zero draft) and 4 (training of some sort – I have yet to figure this out). Therefore, please reach out me if you want to discuss these again prices will be negotiable. I think I am reasonable and fair.

Here Are Some of the Designs I Have Created in Canva

Below are some of the design I created for fellow bloggers as part of my exclusive offer. This gives you a taste of what can be done in by yourself or if you wish to pay for my services. You can reach out me via a comment below or via my contact form, or direct email to

Blog banners

of course I had to design a blog banner for myself too.

Instagram Logo

Pinterest Pins Created for Other bloggers and some for myself.

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Images:, pixabay, pexel, google, instagram, canva, or created by myself.

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  1. Wow, Bella you are awesome. So much creativity and talent you have dear. All the very best and our prayers with you. You will do very well with your work. You know my son too is an Art Director and works for a beautiful company in India and they too are digital and work for many companies just the way you do.

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