God Whispers to me ..


I sit in meditation

In yoga, I the Soul connecting to the Supreme Soul

A gentle breeze wraps around me

Hugs me

Caresses me




Embracing me with warmth, and coolness

Wipes my brows

Stokes my shoulders

Whispers to me

You are cared for

You are loved

You are support

You are protected

You are my sweet child

Filled with lightness in my heart, in my body and mind.

I see and feel an aura of white healing light

filling I the Soul

I feel light

I feel whole

I feel strong,

I feel free.

I am reminded I the Soul am immortal and this body is just a vehicle.

The gentle breeze caress me and whispers

All will be well

All is well

The gentle breeze surrounds me

My heart and mind are comforted

My spirit lifted

Every time I sit to meditate, God whisper in ear, in my heart

You are safe

You are loved

You are well

I am here

Remember me and I will keep you up above.

My spirit lifted.

Wanting to remain in silence and peace.

Not wanting to speak or know what is going on in the world

Just wanting to remain in this sweet peace, this sweet silence in Gods lap, in his warm embrace.

Aw the beauty of a sweet and divine meeting,

through meditation of I the Soul and the Supreme Soul my father.

This is what peace is. This is what silence is. This is what pure comforting love is.

Aw this Gentle breeze, this gentle caress, this light is God showing me his love.

Om Shanti.


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