Meditation and Me. * repost*

Dear Friends, I was asked by a few blogger a few questions about meditation, so this blog post is my attempt at answering the questions the best I can.

What is Meditation to me?

Meditation in its truest form is a connection with I the soul and the Divine soul. It is healing and repair and returning our-self to our original qualities.  It is reducing the speed of our negative thoughts.    Meditation is getting to know yourself inside and out.  It is making your mind peaceful.  It is creating space between the 1000 of negative thoughts we have in a minute.

I learnt Raja Yoga Meditation at the age of  10 years old.   I am no expert at all.   But,  I know without meditation life can get out of control and one can feel so hopeless and down.   Meditation, helps one have peace of mind, calmness, stillness, silence and harmony.

Do You Need a Special Place to Meditate?

Raja Yoga Meditation teaches opened eyed meditation meaning you can meditate anywhere at any time.  We have a special place in our home where we meditate together.  Having said that I meditate in other places too, like in my bedroom, dinning room or whilst cooking dinner.  I can meditate on the tube/metro on my journey to work, or I can meditate sitting at my desk at work, or standing in a queue, or waiting in a doctors office.

The Mind and Meditation?

The mind can never be quiet.    One can make the mind peaceful, and very silent.    One can reduce the volume of thoughts,  and their speed through meditation.  Meditation uses the mind to visualise and direct thoughts.

How to Meditate?

I don’t know what other types of meditation there are out there.   I know Raja Yoga Meditation  thaught by the Brahma Kumaris which is about connecting with you true self.   I believe the true self to be a immortal Soul and our original qualities are Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.  Anger, greed, lust, attachment and ego (ALGAE) our negative states that we have inherited but theses are not us.   That is, why we crave for peace and harmony so much.

There is no wrong or right way to meditate.   Meditation for some is visualization, to some it is sitting silently.

I always visualise myself as point of light radiating peace, and love.  I also visualise the Divine shining light on me.     I also use Meditation commentaries to help me meditate.   I can also meditate in silence and I can also meditate with songs.

How often do I meditation?

I meditate every day, at 4am ,  at 7pm – 8pm,   and 15 mins before sleep.  During the day I practice Traffic Control

What advise do I have for beginners?

Meditation is a habit, even away of life.   No one can become an  expert over night.  Even after x number of years of meditation you can still struggle to reach the silence of meditation.  Because we are so distracted in the day, it is important to meditate regularly  for short period of time in the day, and first thing in the morning and in the evening.

As a beginner:  start the day with 5 mins meditation before you start your day.  End your day with 5 mins.  Then increase it to 10 mins, and then increase it.

There are times that  I still struggle to meditate – that is sign for that that I haven’t carried out traffic control (see link below), that I missed a meditation one day,  and I have let myself get too engrossed in life or a painful situation, therefore I struggle to meditate.

I recommend meditation commentaries and trying from time to time silence meditation.   I suggest you try just a minute meditation – link below.    Also on the Brahma Kumaris  link below there are some guide meditation, and on my meditation page.  I will be sharing more meditation commentaries as part of BLOGMAS.

Positive Thinking and Reading

It is important to start your day and fill your day positive reading, thinking, and studying.  It helps you have a balanced and stable day and it helps you have a good meditation.

I hope this post is helpful and please let me know if you have any further questions that I can try to answer.

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12 thoughts on “Meditation and Me. * repost*

  1. Thank you so much, Bella for your valuable information on Meditation and doing meditation everyday helps so much for us to get connected to our Soul. At this time when we are quarantined it is so nice to practice meditation for ten to twenty minutes everyday for peace and silence.


    1. This was reposted with you in mind. There is also something that else that is been shared daily on youtube which ends on the 12th april, that I might share on my blog and it teaches the basic of raja yoga meditation, basics being I the Soul, who god is, and how in meditation we connect. That is essentially the meditation I do. Would that be of interest?

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