Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*

I wrote this post a while back, but the sentiments seem appropriate for the world and where we find ourself with covid-19. I have edited it a bit. 12.4.2020 easter sunday


Who is your shoulder to cry on?

Who is your rock?

Have you ever been the shoulder to cry on, or the rock for your rock?

I feel that we must learn to be our own rock, our own shoulder to cry on. I believe we should take support from the Divine. The Divine and yourself should be such double act of support, that you are resillient no matter what. God is such a support, and he alone and your inner strength can support you at this time.

Sure, we should have others shoulder to cry on and for support.

However, a day might come that you will need to be your own rock, your own shoulder to cry on. Because others can’t be there for you. Live each day, building inner strenght and taking strenght from the divine, that you are ready for anything. ( When I wrote this in mid 2019 , I didn’t know that the world would be in the middle of covid-19 from jan 2020. I wrote it because I have seen many a time, in my life. That I have had to be my own rock and with Gods support I was able to be fine, do well and overcome).

With my whole heart I believe in this. God is my one strength and one support. I must connect to God daily. If I live each day making myself stronger, emotionally resilient and increase my inner power and strength. I can, we can handle so much. Meditation and spiritual reading and practices help a lot. We should always be working on our inner strength, living a simple uncluttered life, then we become images of strength for ourself and others. I feel this needed not just at the time of covid-19 but our whole life. Others can’t be with us always, we will find times that we are physically alone. But with Gods spirit and daily connection and his word you are never alone.

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3 thoughts on “Who Is Your Shoulder To Cry On? *Repost*

  1. Thank you so much dear Bella for your excellent repost. You have written it full of truth and reality. My shoulder is God who I rely on 100%. There is no one but Him. He is my Father, Mother and everything and He is my Shoulder at all times.

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