I Just Want To Stay Silent


I am struggling to blog, because I am struggling to speak or find words that capture my heart.

I just want to remain silent.

I want to empower I the Soul with Gods love, peace and might. I want to become strong in myself so Gods lights shines, that hope is shared, that one day this will pass.

I just want to share, love, peace and compassion. Hope, faith, and trust. With all the souls of this world at this time. To share we are all souls, that we are immortal, the body dies not the Soul.

When I the Soul taken strength from God, honesty the feeling if safety and protection is so strong. If there is fear it changes into faith and trust. It changes into love for the whole world.

I shared a series of small talks and meditation by Sister Jayanti a senior director of the Brahma Kumaris, on Raja Yoga Meditation. In total there are 7 which I link below. Sister Jayanti has practised Raja Yoga over 60 plus years, you are very luck to have her teach you. Enjoy. This the meditation I practise.

Meditation an inner journey day 1 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 2 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 3 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 4 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 5 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 6 click here

Meditation an inner journey day 7 click here


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16 thoughts on “I Just Want To Stay Silent

  1. I took a vow of silence for 2 days about 2 weeks ago. It’s a powerful act of selfcare my friend. I write on a pad to communicate anything with my partner. It helps me to atone my words to my intentions.
    This is a beautiful shareπŸ™ I am going to check out the meditations you included, thank you my friend ❀

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    1. Oh wow, a vow of silence. I still talk, but I naturally just want to be more silent and it just happened naturally around 25th march. It is just a inner state, and it naturally happens at home. But I still speak. Well done on vow for two days that is really powerful and determined. I generally talk less especially after a meditation. I am meditating more so, I am just more quite.

      I hope you enjoy the talks by sister Jayanti. They are in sequence and they make sense if listened to in sequence. I hope you enjoy.

      Thank you always πŸ™πŸ₯°πŸ€—


      1. I will let you know my thoughts my friend. I’m a chatty person in general so when I get the call for quiet, I know God is trying to teach me something. It is very healing for me and I like the calming effects I get from it.

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