Thoughts On – Good Manners.

When we encounter good manners, we feel that some deeper part of us has been honoured. Truly, none of us deserve anything less.

Brahma Kumaris Quotes

I don’t expect much from anyone, I try to accommodate and accept. Sometimes I find myself saying, I didn’t expect that. Which is a contradiction! But, may be this is because deep inside of me I expect manners and good behaviour from all?

I find this quote speaking to me in such a deep way. It is simple and true. When we encounter good manners, it is a most royal, elegant and elevated exchange, that the heart is overflowing with joy.

I believe good manners is generally commonplace. But, I guess may be it is not. I feel it is my unsaid expectation, that leads me to say I didn’t expect that!

Good manners, for me is a mark of ones, royalty, divinity, elegance and grace. I feel it is not commonplace as I feel it should be. But that is my learning and my adjustment to make. That is not to say, I didn’t expectations that. But, to observe from a distant and not be affected, like water off a ducks back.

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15 thoughts on “Thoughts On – Good Manners.

  1. I completely agree! Good manners should be a commonplace, a natural behaviour, but it’s so rare these days that we get surprised when someone shows a sign of good behaviour an kindness towards us.

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