Desk Setup When Working from Home, or NaNoWriMo, or as a writer.

Many of us are working from home as part of Covid-19 Lockdown, or social distancing, or we are flexible working, or we work from home. Which ever it might be, we are spending more time on our laptops or computers. However, we might not have the fortune of a desk that is correctly setup in an ergonomically fashion. Which will lead to pain in our heck, shoulder, hands, wrist or lower back.

This is a useful video for any of you that are suffering any of these body pains.

Additionally, watch the video and see the exercises given and practise them, they will make a big difference. Do you best to make changes where you can.

Remember to work for 20 minutes at a go and then have a 5 minute break, stretch and have something to eat or drink, step outside and get some air. This will help move your body and thereby reduce the pain you feel. I know that it might be difficult to make all these changes from am economically stand point, so even doing the exercises, moving around more, don’t staying glued to your laptop/ computer will help a lot.

Also, save this video or this blog post and remind yourself of what you need to keep rearranging so that you don’t feel aches and pains.


I hope you find this video useful and helpful. Enjoy working from home safely.

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19 thoughts on “Desk Setup When Working from Home, or NaNoWriMo, or as a writer.

    1. I hope it improves. I think taking breaks also helps, moving around too. I am struggling a bit, I move around a lot. And even change locations. I cant afford to buy a new chair. I wanted to get a separate keyboard but they are sold out. So I am doing the exercises and moving and make sure I have breaks. It is helping.

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