Ergonomic Desk Setup For Laptop – For working from home when you don’t have an office.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a simple post regarding our Desktop set up whilst working from home to avoid any aches and pains in our heck, shoulder or lower back (click here to see that post). In that post I shared a youtube video which is really helpful in how you can make your home office desk a good working setup. Also, that video has really good exercises in it to help you avoid and reduce any pains in your body. It is important to keep moving away from you desk ever 20 minutes or at least every hour. We may not feel any aches and pains today, but later on in life, being super glued to our office desk, or home desk, will cause us lots of health issue.

Today, I have found another few videos that will help you if you are in an office, or working from a hotel or working from home.

I am sharing these videos for all of us. I tend to share what I am implementing in my life, or what I am might be having difficulty with, or I am changing in my life. This is one such post. The driver for this post is ME and my home working space setup. A setup that is cheap, effective, minimal, works within a small family home and works for me and my working styles.


I do not have a home office. I have a dining table room table. I am grateful for what I have.

The dining room table is big, so I can be as messy or as tidy as I like. Having to work on the table means, I am forced to have breaks, to tidy up at the end of the day.


Also, I like to move around and switch up my working space. I might work in front of the TV, on my bed or even in my bed (I know- Not at all good for any back pain, or any serious work. But, you will be surprised the best blog post are written on/in the bed!).

I have spent some money in buying a laptop riser (kick stand), a full size keyboard and mouse , and I purchased a big mouse mat (yet to arrive) to protect the dining table. Total cost 11.99 + 17.17 +13.99 =£43.15 One could argue the mouse mat is not needed!

Below is my desk setup; our dining room table.

I have two cushions to raise the height of my chair and a cushion for my back to support my lumbar. So far it is really helping a lot and I can really feel the difference.

I am totally loving the keyboard I bought from Amazon (it just arrived yesterday evening). It really has a nice curve to it, it rises, and keyboard keys have a nice bounce. The laptop riser also helps keep eyes up and there not strain my neck and shoulders

The cushions are really helping. But, I have to remember to keep my posture right. I have a bad habit from all the years of working in an office (even with the right equipment).

Like yourself I need to remind myself to make sure I take breaks and do exercises to ensure I don’t get any pains, or the pains that I already have don’t get worse but reduce.


I am loving my setup. I am loving how it works with the house. It doesn’t take long to setup and tidy up again. That discipline is good to force me to stop working. I can easily work with no break! Which isn’t good. The best thing it is a cheap solution, preserves our home aesthetic and harmony. It meets the need for a workspace. But, that workspace is only setup when I need it, and therefore no extra furniture to have a home office-yeah.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am not a trained physiotherapist, or an ergonomically trained person or a health and safety expert. I am just a girl doing her best with what she has. *** The point being, if you have muscular skeletal issues you need proper medical advice, not this humble blog, with humble research! ***

I hope that you find this a useful post, and the videos help you in your office life.

The Youtube Video’s I used To setup my Workspace

Below are all the youtube videos that I have viewed to help me create an ergonomic work setup at home. Two of the videos have exercises in them and I think those are really useful to watch. I do find all of the videos useful as they help me understand and visualise why we need a proper workspace. I hope they help you too. Watch them all, as they have so much to offer. Yes, there is a little repetition, but, I feel for myself it gets the message home.

This video contains exercises that I feel are useful for all of us. I found this useful because it meets my needs for my work space at home. How I can cheaply make these adjustments.
This video also has exercises and is good for those who have a proper office set up. Which doesn’t work for me as I work with a dining room table and chair. Useful to understand where your keyboard and mouse should be so that you don’t get more pain.
This video is perfect if your are on the go and working from a hotel room for example. But, I found it useful for my work space set up at home. Because, it is the one that most matches my circumstances. The dining table is an on the go solution. As the dining room has be reconfigured back to a dining room, breakfast,lunch and dinner room. Which, indirectly is good, cause I am forced to take breaks, work in a minimal fashion and clean up the mess I might make whilst working.
This is a good video for those who have a proper office set up.

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11 thoughts on “Ergonomic Desk Setup For Laptop – For working from home when you don’t have an office.

  1. Thank you so much dear Bella for your helpful tips and videos that were so supportive when one is working from home on a computer. I too have a stand which I got from my office before I retired and one has to get up at intervals from computers and stretch and do some exercises so that we do not get a frozen shoulder or back.

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    1. Oh a frozen shoulder that can be painful and take ages to heal; an ex-colleague of mine had that. She said it was really painful.

      I know this post is a bit of repeat to the one I did two weeks ago. But, I wanted to show my desk setup for anyone who might be in my position with no real office space.

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      1. Yes it sure can be very, very painful. You have done an awesome job, Bella and even I who worked for 40 years never had this problem because our work environment is very different but as I have retired now I too have problems at times with my sitting at times on the sofa with my laptop but I liked your idea of your set up. Will try sitting on my table too the way you have shown.

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      2. Hi Kamal, I have decided for my big sessions of work then I will use the dining room table. But, when I am just working in a lukewarm way, I will be in front of TV and even my bed; that is just the way I am. I need variety. Having said that I love my dining room set up. I can feel the difference in my body. But, I have to be careful of old habits of slouching and working too long with no breaks.

        Wish you all the best with your working space at home.

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      3. Yes Bella same here. I too sit at times in front of the TV or at my desk. Must not be giving problems to ourselves and do a little stretching exercises. All the best and stay safe and take care dear Bella.

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