Just Be Good

Why would be anything but good. I often ask myself. Yet there are some who just attract trouble.  That have a propensity to do wrong.  It is as if they have been taken over. 

Numbed by something,numbed and unable to see their actions that cause pain.  Simply unable to be good. 

When to be good is so simple.  When to be good is so human.  When to be good is to do right.   To do just.  To live honestly, truthfully for yourself and others. 

But, the simple statement of just be good, just doesn’t apply to some.  AS if they are possessed, they just must be mean, must insult, must do the opposite of what is right. Numbed like a zombie, following a false instruction, their consciousness no longer bites to say you are doing wrong. 

Their intellect no longer has a voice.  To do wrong is normal and is okay. 


Just to be good , just to do right, just to be honest, to be clean, to human has been lost. 

What a sad state! What a lost Soul. 

And so lost that the consciousness fails to bite.  The intellects fails to stop and just do right.  How far they have fallen.  That being down is normal. 

They don’t have the strength to right, instead they are possessed to be rude and unkind to those that just do right. 

A world of duality, of lost Souls.   Don’t loose hope.  Enlightenment will eventually occur.  For the boat of truth make shake but it won’t sink.

Just be good.  Why would you be anything else.for good is right.  Good is just.  Good is what you are meant to be.  Good is your PHD of being a good human being.  Anything else… oh dear.. why would you be anything else… why..

I shared this on my instagram feed, thought you might enjoy this impromptu post.


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8 thoughts on “Just Be Good

  1. This is a lovely piece of writing on Just Be Good and I found your words very true, Bella. It is really nice to be good in every respect but there are times when who knows our past may also propel us to do things that are not so good. But we definitely have to try our level best. A lovely post.

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      1. Don’t underestimate yourself dear Bella we are all novices. We are all doing our best. You are a wonderful writer and have always inspired us with your valuable words. Yes all was great. Much love and light ❣️❣️❣️❣️

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