The Power of Introversion

In the world it is seen that being introverted is a weakness and that being extroverted means you get further in life. This the general thinking. But we all know that is not the case, and that we are all different. And most of us can be a bit of both depending on the situations.

In this post I want to express my vision and practice of introversion. I love being introverted and mastering myself. I love improving my inner world and world view. I love to win the small battle, for example keeping my peace when others are harsh to me. That win to me signifies and lets me know how much I have moved forwarded in my journey and how much more I have to go. I hope you like this post and the high level ideas I share in this post.


When we are introverted, we make a silent but significant impact our surroundings and the work, We create a powerful but incognito ripple in the worlds vibration. We send out a positivity to the world and ourself, that is healing. This is amplified when we connect to the Divine power of peace.


The Power of Introversion

In a spiritual path, being introverted is the most powerful tool in your tool box. Being introverted is to meditate. Being introverted is to link to the Divine and download power. Being introverted is to have the courage to look at yourself with a magnifying glass to see all your positives and negatives, and then have the courage to change the negatives. Being introverted and then transforming yourself is the highest act of self respect. It is an act of self mastery. How can I change myself and get better, if I don’t honestly look at my pluses and minus in my personality. I should know my impact on others too. I need to understand how closer I am getting to my original qualities of I the Soul. The original qualities of I the Soul are Peace, Love, Purity, Wisdom and Joy.


Affirmation and Manifestation of Introvertedness

I am a master of myself. When I am introverted, I become a self sovereign of my inner realm. I become a master of my life, my thoughts, my feeling and my interactions. My life becomes easier and lighter, as I know when I should interact, when to let go, when to be quiet, when to be peaceful, and I remain content. Everyday, I take time to step inward and look at my daily account of thoughts and evaluate what did I gain and what did I lose. For example, did I maintain my peace the whole day, or did I lose my peace? Why did I lose my peace? How can I change that.

Spending time in silence, alone, in connection with the Divine in meditation, creates such an internal tower of strength, and contentment, that you can ride each wave of life like an expert surfer. When you are comfortable in silence, in your own company and the company of the Divine there no greater sense of happiness. There is great power in being introverted in a spiritual sense.


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9 replies

  1. I LOVE this post Bella! ❀

    Sharing the power of introspection leads to awareness and responsibility for how we interact in the world. The benefit is exponential!

    The affirmations are great. πŸ™‚

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  2. There are even more benefits of being an introvert. The power of observation is on of them. Introverts are keen observers. They can easily tell the whole story just by observation.
    They don’t waste their time in gossip and focus on what’s important. There’s nothing bad for being an introvert.

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  3. This introvert can certainly appreciate this post! It’s so true that we can use that to our advantage. And funny how when we do fully utilize our “introvertedness” (is that a word?) it has an amazing, magnetic effect on others as if we were acting in an extroverted way πŸ™‚

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