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As many of you know I have been looking at ways to monetize by blog. One of the options was to create a Patreon account. If you want to find more about Patreon see their website.

Patreon Website >

Basically, Patreon is a site that allow creatives and bloggers to be supported on a monthly basis at different tier levels. Thereby, creating a regular monthly income for yourself.

Bella’s Patreon on

The more I thought about creating a Patreon site, I felt it would be a ‘pain’ for me, and for others who want to support my blog to hop over to Patreon and have yet another account to keep track of and follow. There were some other difficulties in using Patreon that made me abandon the idea.

Therefore, I thought I would create my version of a patreon site

Support via an Adhoc Monthly Subscription

Basically, I will use my site to sell a monthly digital PDF product, to allow people who want to support my blog to support it.

Here is what you can expect, if you support this blog.

  • What you will get in return for supporting this blog, is an exclusive PDF in the form of an article, booklet, newsletter, blog post or any other style (see below where I show the freebie pdf’s I have created in the past).
  • The content will be more of what you are used to on my blog, but with more detail. It will be exclusive to my supporters.
  • The PDF will be sent to you by email within a few days of payment being received. Because, I will have to do this manually.
  • I will use the single payment facilities on and not the recurring payment option. Which means that neither you or I are bound to a monthly payment or posting schedule. As I am trying this out for the first time, I am not sure If I will be able to keep it up.
  • The cost? The cost will be between £1.80 to £3.80 GBP. Call it coffee and cake, once a month (ish), at Ritz in London.

Examples of what you can expect for your support?

In the past I have created a good few free downloads.

For those who support my blog through this single payment option, you will receive an exclusive monthly PDF. I repeat this will not be a recurring payment. It will be a one off single payment for that PDF.

Free Downloads From the Past

Here are seven free downloads I have created in my four years of blogging. This gives you a glimpse of what you can expect from the adhoc monthly subscription. Of course they will be the best standard I can make them (not to say these freebies aren’t great).

Here are More ways to Monetize your blog

There are many ways to Monetize your blog. Vee of has written a fantastic post on Blog Monetization Option – click here to read.


Thank you always. I hope that you will comment below and let me know your thoughts on supporting my blog through an adhoc monthly subscription. Do let me know any questions you have. All comments and thoughts welcome. I hope that I have provided enough examples of what you might get as part of the adhoc subscription. This blog will continue to share content for free for you enjoy.

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Image Acknowledgement

I use images from many sources:, instagram, google, created myself,, pixel, pixabay

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