What is Failure anyway?


What is failure anyway? Who set up that concept of failure?

I think it all started at school with grades. Pass or Failed.

Which then gets locked into our mindset!

Anything we do wrong is a fail.

Then our self confidence goes again!

and again! and again!

We then struggle to move forward, as we have enclosed ourself in our comfort zone.

Cocooned in this lovely comfort zone, we don’t grow. We get smaller and loose what we had.

We then start work or a new job or something. That something that forces us to face our low self esteem, our comfort zone and the feeling of failure.

For us to realise one day!

Oh Look how far I have come?

Why did I hold myself back?

Oh it was the fear of failing! What is failing? Why did I let it engulf me that way?


I mean why?

It is all about perception?

Because in a work place there is no pass or fail. Even if it feels like fail. The response is always turn it around quickly into a win (well it is in corporate settings).

So let us embrace Thomas Edison perspective on the whole topic of failure. Cause failure is not failure it is experience. It is bravery. It is growing. It is creating a greater comfort zone.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

Let yourself fail. But, don’t see it as a fail. It is learning opportunity. An opportunity to grow. Don’t put your self down that you loose all hope. It is okay. Embrace the learning opportunity. Let go of those childhood tapes that seem to be super glued on ten times over. Face the fear and trust you can do it. Baby step by baby step you will do it. And you will do it time and time again. Because fear will come each time you increase your comfort zone.

All the best!


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12 thoughts on “What is Failure anyway?

  1. True and profound words on Failure, Bella. We have learnt as little kids from school and have carried it with us as an adult too. It is human nature that we cannot accept failure in life and are happy when we win or succeed in life.

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  2. I have failed hundreds of times. Each hit just made me more passionate about what I’m doing today! I just started this blog yesertday after realizing that instagram and YouTube just won’t cut it. I have something to say, but I’m just learning there are so many different ways speak online! I truly believe blogging is the way. Thank for your inspiring post.

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