Don’t Block Your Own Dream

We tend to give up on a dream or a goal because we can’t see any progress. The problem with ‘giving up’ is that we don’t know how close we are to making it. It might feel like we are wasting our time, and getting nowhere fast, so giving up become an act that may seem sensible, or an act that we do out of frustration. It might seem wise to give up as we can not see the ROI (Return on Investment) of our time.

So, how do we know when to quit?

We live in a world where social media portrays images of people who have ‘made it. But, what we don’t see is the effort it took them to get there. We don’t see their lessons they learnt, the tears, the down days, and the rejection. We see their successes not the pain they went through to become successful. And it is important to notes that they would have had a lot of struggles.


The critical thing in achieving anything in life is to understand it doesn’t happen overnight; it might take a few years. Please don’t compare yourself to someone who seems to have made it when you are beginning your journey and learning curve. In fact, please don’t compare yourself to anyone as your journey will be different to theirs. Don’t get stuck on the ‘prize’ of the end goal; it is the journey that holds the vital life lessons. We will reach the destination that is guaranteed.

Remember it is a road, a journey of twists and turns that will eventually lead to the required outcome

We wake up all excited.

We Dream

We put into practise our dream.

Full steam ahead.

We did it

We are excited.

We are happy.

We are eager to see result.



Then nothing happens.

The silence…



We doubt it.

We loose hope.

Will it happen.

Is it a false dream.

Should I dream it.

But, I can taste it and I can feel.

Should I continue to dream it.

Should I continue to go for it?


Will it come true.

We affirm, we manifest, we hope, we believe and we give it a go.

We feel embarrassed all by ourself.

We lose hope

We gain hope

We try again

We lose hope

We gain hope

We try again.

Don’t let your doubt block you from your dreams. For you don’t know how close you are to achieving it. Keep going. And may be you just have to employ blind, even stubborn determination. Don’t block your own dreams that you have started and started again. You just don’t know how close you are to making it. Keep dreaming and keep taking baby steps to make it happen. Even if there is silence, keep going on. Give it a good go. Give it a good sensible goal. If you are pouring money down the drain and a lot of it, then may you need to let go of the dream, or change the plan. But, if your expenditure is reasonable and not too much, then it might be a matter of time, effort, resilience and steadily moving forward with baby steps.

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11 thoughts on “Don’t Block Your Own Dream

  1. Awesome blog and great illustration!

    It reminds me of the “Acres of Diamonds” speech by Russell Conwell, founder of Temple University. His speech was given over 5000 times in the early 1900s.

    It’s an AMAZING and worthwhile read 🙂

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