The Power of Routines

Image: The power of routines
Image: The power of routines

They say a tidy desk is conducive to a productive day.   That can be said for a tidy house.  If your living space is a mess, paper,clothes , stuff everywhere, you will feel dis-organised and in a mess, irritated or even frustrated all the time.   Make a point of keeping you home organised, tidy and you will find peace.   Make sure you bed rooms are tidy – that will improve your sleep.

How we physically live and how clean and tidy we are has a subconscious impact on our moods.   Get home from work,  don’t throw your clothes on the floor,  put them away in your wardrobe or laundry basket.   Put your shoes away.  Hang your coat up.


Also develop routines in your life, simple little routines and watch peace and harmony come into your life.   The smallest of changes to your daily habits will really encourage harmony and peace in your life.

Prepare the the night before for the next day  – this will really make your life so easy.

  1. Create a To Do List for tomorrow
  2. Know what your day is like – look at your diary
  3. Prepare your breakfast for tomorrow
  4. Prepare your lunch for tomorrow
  5. If possible prepare half of dinner
  6. Prepare your clothes for tomorrow
  7. Get your work bag ready for tomorrow.
  8. Leave your work back, lunch, coat , everything you need tomorrow near the door
  9. Clean up the Kitchen before going to bed –  Make it tidy, don’t have dishes in the  sink.  Have the work surfaces clean -ish , so you don’t wake to a mess in the Kitchen
  10. Tidy up your living room and dinning room.  A quick tidy up, straighten up the night before, so you don’t wake up to crazy in the morning, or come back from work to crazy.
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Morning Routine

  1. Get up ten minutes earlier
  2. Don’t start your day with Social Media, or TV.   That will make you late for work, school, breakfast, having a bath etc.
  3. Do – some basic stretching  to wake up your body.
  4. Meditate, or at least write 5 things to be grateful for, 5 affirmation, and recite I am going to have a peace productive day.
  5. Make your bed,  Fold your PJ’s away.
  6. Have enough time to bath, eat breakfast.
  7. Have enough time to do a quick tidy up of the kitchen, bed room and bathroom so when you get in from work the house is calm.

Weekend Routine

  1. Chores of course  – Unless you get your laundry done on Friday night or Thursday Night.
  2. Grocery shop
  3. Prepare a few lunches and dinners just to give you space if you have a crazy week a head.

I have been doing these most of my life, and I have few more routines.  But, when you just take 10 -20, sometime  or  5 to 10 minutes is all you need.  Obviously, sometimes I fall out of routine when I fall sick or something,  and you then realise the value of a routine.

  • A night routine  will allow you to be so carefree in the morning.
  • When you return at night you will be so happy – there is food ready or almost ready
  • The weekend routine will make you super happy for you know for at least 3 days next week lunch and dinner are sorted – in the freezer ready.

Routines may sound dull – but if you want a peaceful, harmonious life then routines are a must. Discipline leads to freedom.

Every aspect of our life impacts our thoughts and our happiness.   You will not realise how impactful routines are until you implement them in your life.  Trust me – you will be sooooo happpy and so thankful at your wisdom for implementing and sticking to routines.


Thanks for stopping by.  Please like, comment, share, or subscribe.   So, what routines do you have in place?

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15 thoughts on “The Power of Routines

  1. Great post! I value routines also so much, more than any “big efforts” I ever made, my routines are those which have brought me the furthest inn all the fields which matter to me. Like as you say taking 10 minutes a day to do something I love and value is a small price to pay. And when I do them, I can feel they really “ground me”, if it makes sense. Thank you for this post! 😇

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  2. I do agree that tidiness and good routines make for peacefulness.. When ever I walk into the kitchen and see washing up left, I feel stressed because I know it is one Moreno job to do. Sometimes at the weekend I let things go a bit, but generally I do like to be tidy! I was never a tidy child, but I learnt tidiness when I lived in a bedsit, as the alternative was complete squalor!

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