Say Hello to the WordPress Block Editor — The Blog

So dear friends on June 1st the classic editor is going and will be replaced by the block editor. Read this post below by …


Note that there is a block called classic which gives you the classic editor functionality still. Or you could be brave and switch to blocks now?


Blocks are so much easier than the classic and wordpress have really improved them. You can do so much with them. have really enhanced their functionality and given so much more

List of some of the common items I use with the block editor

From multiple columns with no html coding. To reusable block read my post here.

Drop case lettering at the beginning of a paragraph .

You can use a background colour on your paragraph block.

You can use columns with no html , obviously they wont show up on a mobile.

Column 1


Column 3

Here are my last 3 blog posts using the blog block, rather than using the link feature. Making for a much prettier blog post. You can change what blog post is displayed.

Newsletter #6 is Out!

To those who have subscribed to my newsletter – it is waiting in your inbox to read. Today’s Content is  Finally, I start to walk through my understanding and learning of MailChimp – the free version as I promised when I started this newsletter. To those who aren’t part of my newsletter – you canContinue reading “Newsletter #6 is Out!”

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Blocks can be easily moved up or down, duplicated or even deleted.

There is so much fun to be had.


You can create a tweet-able paragraph ,look here.

Why don’t you move across before you are forced to? Seriously, so much fun to be had…

Part of me feels like setting up a zoom call with a few of you just to demo how easy blocks are to use.


Change is scary but forced change hurts. Change with confidence and faith in yourself and you will enjoy yourself.

bella of

This is a quote block

Below is a pattern block that I just discovered writing this blog post.

His latest work is A Life Well-Lived, a selection of photos and stories of people across Nebraska highlighting their stories from the past 70 years. These are photographs and stories of those who might be forgotten in the rush of history.


Anyway read the post from wordpress.

On June 1 we’ll be retiring our older editor and transitioning to the more recent (and more powerful) WordPress block editor. Want to know how this may affect your site and what you can expect? Read on. If you’ve launched your site in the past year and a half you may have never […]

Say Hello to the WordPress Block Editor — The Blog

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25 thoughts on “Say Hello to the WordPress Block Editor — The Blog

  1. You and I have talked about that in the past. I’m not the biggest fan and would prefer to stay with the editor I am currently using. I’m not sure why they are throwing it away yet keeping the other one (apparently there are 2 old editors).

    I had this idea of exploring blocks and writing my own tutorials, but stuff happened and here we are…

    I do like the blog block from what you’ve mentioned. I foresee myself using that option to link to my old posts.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sam, you can stay on classic they are not getting rid of it.

      Sam would you be interested in a one to one of me demo block editor to you. I really want get use to using zoom . So we could just play things out on my blog and then it will help you? It would be fun..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so confused regarding the names of those editors. Apparently, there are 3. Block editor being the new one. They are keeping one of the old ones but it seems like I’m using the third one they plan to scrap, so I will probably “upgrade” to the block editor.

        I enjoy exploring things on my own and I fear that I might not find the time to sit down and do a zoom meeting as I’ve missed so many recently. But, it would be fun to see your highlights. Where are you at again? US or no? I could potentially try a Thursday afternoon 15 min session.


      2. I wasn’t aware of 3 editors. i just knew the classic visual , or html and now block editor. it would be fun to zoom on thursday if you want. and if you have specific questions i can prep accordingly. or it can just be fluid.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I just wrote a quick post of how it might be fun for me to have a go at a quick zoom training on block editor at 10.00am uk tim today – just as a tester
        it is now 9.41am – if you are free and interested

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