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I love affirmations and positive statements.

I have used them and my life has changed for the better.

When I used affirmations. I write them down on a piece of paper 7 times , 3 times a day for 21 days. A bit like taking medicines. But, they really work this way.

Additionally, I have them placed strategically around the house to remind me, especially when life feels hard and nothing feels right.

I have shared many an affirmation blog post on this blog.

I have now finally made some digital products that you can purchase and enjoy. I love them and I will be placing them around the house so I can enjoy them and be reminded.

Digital Affirmation Products

I have created a total of 15 affirmations / positive statement, that can be brought as a single PDF file, or a zip file of 15 .PNG files that you could then use as a screensaver or however else you would like.

This is what they look like


Preview of products

PDF version

Below are some screenshots of them printed on UK A4. Unfortunately my printer had to play up and has not printed them well. ** They can be printed any way you like. Or you can just look at them digitally. **

Below that is a video of me flipping through the printed copies so you can see what they look like printed on A4 UK. But my silly printer ran out of ink- but I hope you can see how pretty they are..

Affirmations printed on UK A4 – unfortunately my printer decided it did not want to print nicely

PNG version

Finally there is a video of how they could look like as a screensaver on a windows pc. If you purchase the png version you are free to use as you wish. But I ask you to respect my work and not use it as your own.

Individual. PNG files that can be used as a screen saver

Buying Options

Once you buy these digital products they will be emailed to you by myself.

You can pay using your paypal account or your other credit cards. None of your data will be stored by myself. Once the product has been delivered I will delete your email details.

15 Affirmations as a PDF file

15 Affirmations / Positive statements as a PDF


15 Affirmations as a PNG File

15 Affirmations/ Positive statements as a PNG that you could use as screen saver.



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Image Acknowledgement

I use images from many sources:, instagram, google, created myself,, pixel, pixabay

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