You, you alone are…


You, you alone are responsible for thoughts and feelings. For your happiness or lack of it.

You are responsible for your response or reaction.

You might get triggered by another, but you are completely responsible for response, reaction, thoughts and feelings.


No one else can be blamed for your thoughts and feelings that cause you pain.

They might trigger pain in you. That pain was triggered a year ago. And here you are today still thinking about it!! They can’t be blamed for your repeated thinking and feeling of saddness. They hurt you once you nurtured that pain for a year!

if you want to be happy, then let go and stop thinking of the pain, a day later, a week later, a year later.

You are solely responsible for your happiness or sadness.

It is up to you…… This is a hard lesson to accept. But, once you do your world will change forever.

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12 thoughts on “You, you alone are…

  1. Blaming others for the bad and wrong things happening to us is nothing more than nonsense. The fact is simple, I’m responsible for whatever happens with me, I can’t blame others, it’s not a solution. By doing so I’m running from my problems and giving a message that I’m a weak guy. Awesome post.

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