Friday Thought of the Day – To live- – Life


To live you must live.

Laziness, fear, worry , procrastination is not living.

Stubbornness, ego, arrogance, jealous, anger or hate is not living.

Living is to be independent and interdependent

It is to be like the birds at the break of dawn singing their song.

The squirrel jumping finding food and exploring.

To live we must live.

To live is not fear, or to be lazy, or to be bossy.

To live is to be you, bold and kind.

To live is to be the flower sharing its beauty and nectar.

To be the bird and squirrel going about your day with boldness, brightness, enthusiasm and joy.

To live is the grow. To see hardship as an opportunity.

To learn, grow and become wise

To become noble and of character.

Not to be lazy, stubborn and angry.

To live you must live.

Learn to live in your young age then you will live it well in your old age.

Even bad health will not stop you from living well.

For your spirit to live, learn, grow and excel is a well ingrained habit.

The habit of living a life.

To Live you must live.


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14 thoughts on “Friday Thought of the Day – To live- – Life

  1. Bella I loved this post of yours. Positivity and to learn to live a life that we love and not procrastinate and be lazy but learn to live a peaceful, joyous life. Loved the video too and all your affirmations and pictures. Thanks.

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  2. Yes my friend, to live we must live! So simple, I love it. We humans complicate things when really it’s quite simple. Are you watch the Not alone Summit on YouTube or Facebook? It’s a live stream conference for the next 3 days on mental, emotional and spiritual health. I watched a bit this morning, Deepak Chopra did the introduction. So beautiful ā¤

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