How to Use Block Editor – The Basics


Thoughtsnlifeblog – YouTube Channel

Thoughtsnlife YouTube Channel

I created a YOUTUBE Channel, so that I could record a longer video on How to use the Block Editor.

It is my intention with the Youtube channel to create more How to Videos on the Block Editor, on Pinterest and anything else. Do comment below on what you would like me to cover. Eventually, I will expand the channel to share more of my blog connect.

This is my first ever Youtube Video, created on Zoom, in one cut, it is not edited and completely raw. Because, I don’t know how to edit, or create videos. I have yet to learn all that. Please tolerate me as I learn. I have as always jumped in to a new project on a whim, at 3am this morning because a blogger made a wise suggestion. I have avoided the idea of creating a Youtube channel for ages.


How to Use Block Editor – The Basics

In this video we will discuss /demo the following

  • Block Editor
  • Paragraph Block
  • Classic Block
  • Image Block
  • Moving Blocks up, down and deleting.
  • How to schedule/ publish.
  • Watch out for the bonus tips on  linking to another blog post and creating headings.

This video is intended for those who are

  • new to and
  • those who have been using WordPress.Com for years, but haven’t moved from the classic editor.

Here is my First ever YouTube Video

As this my first video ever, it is a bit long. Going forward they will be shorter as that is what is recommended.

Click to watch. If the main link doesn’t work click here

Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel as well as my blog. Enjoy


Thanks you for popping by. Do comment below how you found my video and what other topics you would like me to cover in terms of How to on


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60 replies

  1. Hi, Bella–
    I think you did a fine job, especially as the video part was new to you. I have been resistant to block editor–and still am–but you demystified it to a good extent. I plan to continue as I am with Classic Editor as long as possible, but I’ll experiment with Classic block when I can. And I may go through this one again! So thank you. I learned about this video through a comment about it that calmkate left on another struggling blogger’s post. Best of luck! Annie

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    • Welcome Annie and thank you for your kind words. Yes calmkate told me she was reblogging this post. I have since created detailed one one paragraph block and classic block. I have recorded one on images and another on music, these are yet to make it a blog post.

      In total I have 3 videos on my blog on the block editor.

      So do view them as they will help you feel more comfortable if you decide to move across. The block editor is so much more powerful than the classic and it is easy. It really isn’t a monster.
      But, I know it feels like that, especially when it us forced upon us.

      I hope to do more videos to help all get comfortable with the tool. So the tool doesn’t get in the way of sharing what bloggers want to share.

      Thank you again for your kind words and I am very happy it helped. Thank you for letting me know, means a lot.😊

      Stay safe and well.


  2. Hi Bella. How wonderful! I look forward to checking this out. Well done on setting up your new channel too. Now I’m off to watch it. And then apply it. Thank you so much! 😊

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  3. Bella, you did an amazing job with this demo! You are pretty incredible! I also must say, you have a beautiful voice! Funny how most American’s love other’s accents and yours is my favorite! I ran into one issue when I did my Motivational Monday post that frustrated me so bad, in previous posts I always added a heart at the end, but now I have no idea how to do this and make the hearts small. Do you have any advice? I am also impressed with your YouTube video and know you will be very successful with this!!!!!

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  4. Bella you really do have talent! I love the way you’ve made this video and as you know I’ve avoided using the block editor but your demo makes it look so easy. Am super busy just now but will come back and watch your video again and give it a go as time allows 🙂

    Your voice is clear … an English accent? And I thought you were usa 🙂

    Having your pic up in the corner and showing me on the screen is priceless …. this works for me as a luddite!

    May I suggest that you could make 2 separate videos from this one …
    1. an intro of yourself and your blog … first 6 mins
    2. then the block editor
    if I was a youtube fiend, which I’m not … I’d be looking for the shortest demo to view. As I know you that’s different but I’m imagining that short and sharp demos would be more frequently viewed?

    Now I know nothing, don’t do other social media so need to listen, just what came up for me …

    Thanks so much for this share, it is bookmarked and I will return until I dare to use this editor … so very well done to inspire me ❤

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  5. I responded to your comments but since you deleted the old post, I was unable to send them.
    “Wow. I’m sorry I kept you up that long. I am glad though that you gave it a go, especially since you’ve been thinking about it for a while.

    Thank you for letting me know that you can change the color of a single word without coloring the whole block. I remember quite a few people had issues with that.

    I will take a look at your YT. Thank you for coming up with the initiative to help us learn the new editor.”

    You really went all out with this. A Power Point presentation? I’m totally impressed by how professional all this looks.

    I watched the whole thing. Really good job and I hope this grows for you. You’ve inspired me to go back to a post I started on the Block Editor back in June of last year. I will play with it.

    Stay golden!

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