Solutions can only be found when the mind is silent


Introversion, inner contemplation, leads to a calm response.

Buddhist Monk, sitting by a river.  Pouring a water from a height and sitting in contemplation.
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The power of silence. The power of solitude. The power of solution. Solutions can only be found when the mind is silent and ready to hear and see the answer. When we force an answer, that answer will always be wrong, because it is forced.

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The power of silence and solitude leads to solutions. A quiet mind can hear the voice of the Universe, God and even your inner voice. A cluttered mind can’t hear, it can’t reason, and it can’t think. That is why silence, peace and solitude are necessary. Slow, patient and deliberate contemplation is required. Not a hurried, reactive, response. Quiet, silence, deliberate and slow thinking is required for finding the best solutions. When you make a good a decision, it leads a happy and peaceful life and no repercussion. But a rushed decisions always leads to more corrections and more stress. So take it slowly, quietly, peacefully, in silence and solitude.


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11 thoughts on “Solutions can only be found when the mind is silent

  1. True words of Silence and in complete Silence you find Yourself and not when our mind is cluttered with thoughts that do not allow us to think at all. Lovely post, Bella and the picture of this little monk said it all in its true silence.


  2. Beautifully written. I love this line most especially “A cluttered mind can’t hear, it can’t reason, and it can’t think.”

    Noise often distracts us from reality. I recently found out the importance of meditation. Finding out the benefits first hand is better than reading about it.

    Thank you for this one 😀

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    1. Thank you. If the mind is cluttered there is no space.

      It is true, experience and seeing the benefits first hand there is no greater realisation. And this is the one lesson that stays with you for life. Nothing beats experience and realisation. It is so uplifting.

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