How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on


AHHH why are forcing us to go the the Block Editor on the 1st June 2020. Well, I am sure you know the reason why.

If you are feeling daunted by this, and nervous, do not fear the block editor is easy to use. have thoughtfully provided a classic block with the block editor, which is effectively your beloved classic editor.


How to use the classic block

In this youtube video I show you how to use the classic block in the block editor, so that you can continue to create your wonderful blog post with an editor you are familiar with. Whilst, you secretly learning how to use the block editor!

If you can’t click the video below – click here to see the video. Enjoy.

I also create a youtube video demo-ing the basics of the block editor, which was my first youtube video ever. See below.

Click to watch. If the main link doesn’t work click here

I hope you found both these video’s useful.

I will be creating more demos / training videos on different aspects of the block editor.

Keep looking out for these. May be subscribe/follow me on my blog or youtube channel to ensure you don’t miss out. Also, let me know if there is anything you want me to specifically cover.


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32 thoughts on “How to Use the Classic Block on the Block Editor on

      1. I have only created two video that are available to view. Both are on this post.

        I plan to do more bite sized videos. In the next few days and up load to my blog.

        They will be uploaded to youtube faster than my blog,if you want to subscribe to my youtube channel

        Have a lovely saturday and great weekend

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    1. Welcome Brigid. It is a quick and easy baby step to still keep blogging with what you know, whilst secretly learning the block editor. I am planning to do more of these one topic how to demo/training over the next few weeks. They may appear on my youtube channel faster than my blog. Let me know if there is a topic you want me to cover – really happy create as many videos as I can. It sparks Joy! lol have lovely weekend. – am now trying to record one on images

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