Design Your Life and Live Your Life


Design your life and Live your life.

Design your life. Design your principles, your core values. Design who you are, what you stand for!

Don’t let life, circumstances, events or time force you to change. Make the change in your life before life , circumstances, events or time force you. Then, you are living a life you designed.
One can have no smaller or greater mastery than the mastery of oneself – Leonardo da Vinci

Goals, Aims, Dreams

I naturally get a feeling in my heart that I need to set new goals and aims.  These feeling happen in summer, spring, autumn and winter.  They are not timed, or planned. Spontaneous is my heart!   It is just that my heart and intellect says to me, it is time to step up your self-transformation, your inner work, your meditation, you spiritual study, your character, you life, your harmony, your head… etc.


I am at this natural juncture in my life, where the feeling is very strong to change, to do deep inner work. 

For me habits and really transformation in my life take more than 3 months.  They certainly don’t happen in 21 days for me!  21 days is like an appetiser, it is gone before you enjoyed it. 

I am embarking on my inner work, my inner transformation starting 1st June, and I want to make sure I put a lot of effort into this month, in case I start to get busy in July and August as lockdown easies and life may become busier.    

Strike whilst the iron is hot, and whilst you know you have breathing space in your life (or create space).


My Core Principles / Commandments

I have taken inspiration for this from two people (@craftydeesigns and @williamhannahuk) I follow on Instagram ( You can follow me on instagram @thoughtsnlifeblog). 

I have copied their Instagram posts onto this blog post, so that you can also see.  

I have yet to figure out my principles and commandment that I want to work on.  But, the journey begins today.


I am going into Hibernation mode for today or next few days.

Don’t worry I am still going to blog. But, I am spending my time differently until I figure out what I want to focus on, and then I will start my journey of transformation.

This is how I am going to spend today, in amongst the cores and other activities of the day.

  • I am going to dream what I want be,
  • how I want my character to be,
  • how I want to respond when people are rude to me,
  • how I want to keep my inner calm,
  • the vibration I want to radiate,
  • the peace I want to feel and generate regardless of what is around me.
  • The time I want to devote to daily self-care and I am not taking pampering. I am talking growing my mind, my character, my kindness, my vibration of peace.
  • Understand myself better, do I over-react? Do I get the wrong end of the stick?
  • Time management & productivity
    • Being flexible and adjusting
    • Understand my frustration. Learn to be flexible and go with the flow.
  • …… continued as I figure it out

Finally, I don’t know if I will have 10 commandments or principles But I know and my head knows what I need to desperately work on this.

I created the habit tracker for myself. However, I share it with you all so that you can achieve what you want to.


Free Habit Tracker for the Month of June

I hope this post inspires you to do some inner work. When we are happy inside, full inside, no outside event can disturb us.

If we are disturbed in any way, we are unhappy inside. There needs to be inner work to figure it out and heal it.

bella @ thoughtsnlifeblog

© 2021 all rights reserved

17 replies

  1. Lovely insight. I adore your calligraphy by the way. I too have this mystical journal I’ve chronicled in and have found it to be a huge help. Anyways, you’ve given me quite a bit to internalize, for that I thank you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Such good stuff in this blog❣️ Good information, as well as inspiring. Answering the questions you suggested are key before we begin. Transformation is exhilarating!

    Just like practicing your new work habit in your Pomodoro blog, I agree a habit tracker is helpful. I make a chart in my bullet journal.

    After trying too many things, at once, I’ve changed my strategy to my top 3 “wants” and start with those – of course they’re always the most important to me, so I’m invested and determined to make even the tiniest of change 😉😂

    Goodluck Bella 🍀🤗❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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