Reverting to the WordPress Classic Editor — Wibble


For those who have been moved to the block editor today. There is away to remain on the classic editor see the blog post from a fellow blogger ( wibble) that is below.

As you know I encourage you to embrace the block editor it is a superior editor.

I have created some training videos to help you with the block editor. I will create more to help you. I am taking requests.


Here are the training links, and below that is wibble’s post on reverting to the classic so that you always remain on the classic editor.

Here are my training videos

  • How to create your first blog post – click here
  • How to use the classic block within the block editor – click here
  • A overview of the block editor- click here

I encourage you embrace the new, on a new day and new month. I remind you that you learnt wordpress before, you can do it again. And you will be happy for it.

I wish you happy blogging and enjoy a new day and new month and learning something new. When we keep growing and learning life is always exciting. I had no plan to be on youtube but, I did so I could create training videos. I haven’t felt so a live in a long while.

The comfort zone only keeps us small. Faith in yourself says you can do it. I know you can !


Good morning, everyone, and a pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Today’s the day, according to WordPress, that we’re all going to be presented with the new Block Editor to use. I’ve been in touch with WordPress Support, and they’ve explained to me how to switch back to the Classic Editor, […]

Reverting to the WordPress Classic Editor — Wibble

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4 thoughts on “Reverting to the WordPress Classic Editor — Wibble

  1. Thanks for sharing on technical issues & openning discussion space on it. I’m currently adjusting to editing posts in the Block editor which were originally created in Classic editor. It’s definitely testing my grey cells! I currently experience the initial panic of ‘will the content still be there when it’s stopped buffering during change over’! I need another herbal tea!!😮☕

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  2. Great resources you’re providing!

    I’ve been slowly playin with the block editor over the past month, clinging to the known and comfortable to do my editing – LOL

    It’s quite user friendly once I relaxed and investigated – when I wasn’t under pressure to post 😉

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    1. Teri, I have created some video and training blog post on the block editor. I link them below. I plan to do more, just short and simple. The first one I did was too long. I am new to creating youtube videos.

      I have been blogging 4 years, and the last year I have been using the block editor and I LOVE IT !!! it so much better than the classic editor. You can do so much more with it.

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