How to Add Basic Images and Size them in WordPresses block editor


Hello Friends. Welcome to another How to Demo Video. We all love images, and they really make our blogs looks appealing. The break up all the words and make it easier for our followers to read. Here is a basic demo of how to add images, and size them. The block editor provides a variety of blocks for images, I will demo these in future videos. For now let us focus on the ABC’s so that you can make your posts pretty with easy and comfort.

I hope that these video demos are useful. It would be good to hear from you what else you would like me to demo. Do comment below. I am happy to create and share.


Additionally, I created the video and upload to youtube first. They then make it to a blog post at some point. The point is if you want early access to a video then subscribe to the youtube channel, and hit the notification button to know when I have uploaded. Also, the added advantage of subscribing to the youtube channel is the video are easily referenced. Because on my blog they will get a bit lost with other blog post. At some point I will create a page and place them all there.


In this video we will discuss /demo the following

> Adding a basic image block

> And how to align with an paragraph

> Bonus tip:  Where to get free images

This video is for users.   This video may be useful to users too.   My experience is with


If you are unable to click on the youtube video below here is the link to it. Click here to view

Other videos created that help you with the block editor

The Block Editor – The Basics – Click here

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The Block Editor – How to create your first blog post with the paragraph block – Click here

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