A Hater Will Hate You… Until the Svengali effect is no longer there

I wrote this original post in 2016, see below.

Universal Truths

There are a few universal truths and laws that life holds

  1. This too shall pass
  2. Let go of things
  3. Always give good wishes to everyone including those that don’t like you.

When we practise 2 and 3. For example

The universe gives you what you most think about.

When we practise 2 and 3 like an affirmation, for example

I let go of you and all you have done. I wish you wisdom and maturity. I wish you a good set of friends that make you see. I let go of you.

There is a fundamental shift in vibration.

When we write the above ” I let go…” as an affirmation, 21 times and 3 times a day for months. We send out a positive vibration to the universe. And the universe listens. You also rewire your thinking. And things change inside of you.


But. Still it seems

But still it seems you will have to endure this until you die. But, never give up hope or affirming a positive out come because it makes a difference. It really does. Because you now accept life, but, you don’t let pain rule you anymore. That release frees you.

Finally, Svengali effect

The person who has made your life rotten.

Well, how do I say this. When you practise 2 and 3, you begin to see clearly. That the person giving you pain, is under some svengali effect. That might beecause a person in their life in influenceing them. Or their own personal pain, negativity, laziness etc is creating the svengali effect.

Until or unless that person realises what is going on, the svengali effect continues.

All this too shall pass

Sometimes luck the svengali effect may release itself.

And your relationship with that person improves, as if it was all a bad dream, a figment of imagination.


Do read my original post and the above and let me know your thoughts on these thoughts.

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2 replies

    • I feel haters, don’t know what they are doing. They are compelled to do. Because if they were in their senses they would not behave that way.

      I guess they exhaust themselves when the thing compelling them goes away. This is what I mean by svengali effect.

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