Update – On Tracking Your WordPress.com Statistics.

At the end of May 2020 I wrote a post on the topic of ‘Understanding and Tracking Your WordPress.com ‘ Statistics (see the link to that blog post below). With that post I included excel spreadsheets that you could use to track your daily statistics for the month of June 2020. These are the exact same spreadsheets I created for myself to track my statistics.


My Learning from the past 17th days of Tracking

Now on the 18th June 2020, I have learnt a lot from tracking my daily statistics.

  • I realised that sheet one of the spreadsheet is tracking the item Visitor, which can not be pinpointed to a single blog post. This is because you have visitors visiting from searches, or responding to you from a comment you made on a post that they made, so tracking visitors on a post basis is an inaccurate statistic count to be counting, because that is not the way it work.
  • Tracking views and comments based on a single post was becoming a bit of pain to track, so I scrapped it.
  • Also, Top 3 tags was not helpful – especially as my tags are all over the place.
  • I also updated sheet one to include ‘Top 3 Countries’. Knowing which countries respond to your work, helps to decide what time to schedule or publish your post.
  • Know what people are searching from is really useful as it means I can share more of those on my social media channels.
  • Sheet two for me is the most useful for tracking.
  • Sheet one is useful, as it allows me to track countries and what people are searching for.


I feel that this process is now easier and more meaningful to track daily statistics. It could be that sheet one could be eliminated altogether. But, for now I am keeping with it.

I encourage you to read the original post as I explain how you find your statistic and what they mean. It is a useful activity to do. It can be done, daily, weekly, or monthly. I have revised the spreadsheets created in the original post today and they are free to download at the end of this post.

I believe it is worth some investment of time, as it means you can blog smarter not harder.

I feel if you are running wordads tracking daily is a must. But, if you are not running wordads then tracking weekly or monthly is a good start, daily will be overkill. Or you can track ad hoc, to see if you twitter, pinterest or facebook strategy is working.

My personal experience is that, there are some days that are just dead days. Nothing happens. Now, if you blogging and statistic don’t matter you, then this won’t matter to you at all. As it the love of blogging that is your main driver.

Now, please don’t get me wrong – I love blogging, writing, communicating and connecting with all on wordpress.com. I love blogging. But, as someone who has had no job for the last eight months I am desperately trying making money from blogging (as it will allow me to manage my home circumstances with easy). I am failing at making money blogging. I knew it would not be easy especially in the current climate. I keep trying.

Original post

Understanding and Tracking WordPress Statistics

Introduction The analysis of data gives decision makers information on patterns and trends. This data leads to strategic decisions, plans, and adjustments. Data is a very important part of life. It is how marketing works and how trends and predictions are made. In the month of June 2020 I have decided to track daily. I…

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