9 Tips to get your Boss to like you

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Your bosses are very busy people. They have demands on them that are not always visible to us the employee. It is important to know their priorities to be helpful and understanding.

Your bosses need you to be independent, smart, thoughtful, and really proactive (even be a mind reader). At the same time you need to be a team player.

They need you to keep them updated with what is going with the projects you have been tasked with. You should let them know in good time, if something is not going to plan and how you will fix it, and if you might need their support.

A boss needs to trust their staff and know that they can take the right decision, or at least own up them when they get it wrong, or ask for help in a timely matter. Never do anything that embarrass your boss or the team.


Here are the 9 tips to get your boss to like you.

  1. Don’t ask question that you can answer.
  2. Solutions, not problems – don’t go to your boss if you haven’t at least spent 20 minutes to an hour thinking about solutions.
  3. Go beyond the call of duty. Don’t just do what you have been asked to do. Do more, finish the task to the end.
  4. Don’t apologies. One you look weak. Two, bosses love it when you take responsibility for your mistakes.
  5. Don’t get emotional.
  6. Ask for feedback.
  7. Stop Whinging.
  8. Be Proactive.
  9. Don’t insult your. bosses Intelligence.

Bonus tip: They will love you if you pick up work that you haven’t been tasked with. Be careful that it is a task that needs doing – or you will just land yourself in the bad books. Or you could simply ask your boss – I have bandwidth to taken on more, is there anything you want me to do?

Always remember they are your boss – not your friend. Always be professional and effective.

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I hope you found these simple tips useful.


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22 thoughts on “9 Tips to get your Boss to like you

  1. Don’t apologise is a pretty key one. Like you say they love it when you take responsibility- if something goes wrong it saves them a lot of time investigating.

    Also being too submissive can put you in a position of weakness especially with a manager who exploits that!

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    1. Yeah, that is a big issue.! I have been quite lucky to have good bosses.

      I knew this would come up, as some bosses are just ……! And I don’t know the answer to that, but I did win over a horrible boss once. But, man it hard work!

      Liked by 1 person

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