Daily Intention – Excellence

What is your intention for the day? 

It is important to set an intention for the day.  When I set an intention for my day, I create a focus for that day. When I live my life, my day with focus, I achieve so much more. Otherwise, I go about my day aimlessly, window shopping but never committing to life, and living. Then, one day I feel where did my life go.


Daily Intention of Excellence

Excellence is a character trait. It is about being the best person we can be. It is about being, good, kind, just, honest, truthful, humble, wise, mature, royal, selfless and egoless.

It is about not settling for ‘it will do’, it is about doing my best every single time. Excellence is about improving myself every second of every day. Polishing myself to become the diamond that I am.

It is giving the best that I can give in all aspects of life. It is giving from a generous and noble heart.

It is not about ego, arrogance. It is about living the highest, the noblest and truthfulness that I can. It is about caring for myself and others. It is about being good no matter what. It is about being graceful in the face of defamation. It is being royal all the time, just always so elegant in my behaviour. It is not about money. It is about character. For your character is your true wealth.



I do my best in all tasks and situations. I choose to excel in all that I do, no matter how big or small. I pride myself in my excellence and with that I am humble.


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“Be the change you wish to see in the World ”   Gandhi


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