Thought for Today. I am Angered….

I am angered not by another, but by an inner pain.

The best example of this is; when I am happy, I don’t get disturbed by what is disturbing. This demonstrates that if I am disturbed inside, a small trigger from outside will spill out of me the pain, the disturbance I hold inside.

We may be angry inside because we feel, oh I haven’t done this, I should do this, and I keep stalling and procrastinating. Then when some does it, or says I should do it, I blow up.

What are your thoughts and experiences, comment below.


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  1. Yes, I completely agree with your lovely take on Anger, Bella. When I too am happy and relaxed there will be no anger but if at times we are occupied with work and someone says something then the lid just flows and then the anger would come out so badly that after sometime I would wonder why did I do that. Was this necessary.

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  2. I admit that when I’m disturbed by external events, I come to realize that I’m dealing with something similar, maybe to a lesser degree, internally and it may be embarrassing or disappointing, but I take the time to take inventory of how I’m feeling and why I was triggered. Then work to repair and heal it if necessary. 🥰

    Great quote ❤️🤗

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    • Thank you. Inner work helps us understand ourself. I love transforming myself. So much still to change inside. It is like that saying “still waters run deep”. Our pain, angst run deep and an outside event trigger inner turmoil. The more I heal me, the more external events dont trouble me.because then I become that still water running deep, with peace and contentment. Well that is my goal..🙃😉😊😌

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      • Thank you. 😊 embrace the uncomfortable, to find the root cause. to fix our self forever, and to be free of pain. I dont believe we should wallow in pain, that is not healthy. But a slight acknowledgment I need to do inner work and take love from the divine, to heal. Otherwise I will always be broken, with moments of happiness dotted around


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