Update on My First Draft of My First ever book

At the end of June, I announced that I am writing my first ever draft of a book idea, for the first time in my life. See blog post below.


These are my learnings..

  • It seems when ever I make a big plan to do something, I fall unwell, nothing serious. Anyway, the short of it is, the plan is not going to plan.
  • I was referring to my first draft negatively, I removed that.
  • I realised in the brainstorming and researching, I can’t call this a first draft. It more of a rough draft, research.
  • I have a couple of books to read, as they say read your competitors work. I am not a natural reader, so this is taking ages.
  • I want to write non fiction. Reading a great book on how to write non fiction. It is really helpful. Again slow reader and still unwell.
  • Can I achieve a rough outline for a draft by end of July, or even a first draft. I really want too…but..
  • I have a few off days not related to health, just.
  • I am quite naive about the process of writing a book, and time involved.
  • I am going to self publish, there no way I can do traditional.
  • I seem to have two different book ideas going on.🙃🤪

Below a photo of my progress. I am happy with my brainstorming and researching. But, it is not fast enough. I reached page 54 of my notebook. Which for me is progress and motivation.

Below my notes books and research. Even have a note book for book 2 idea.

Writing, planning or researchingwhatever this step of the writing process is, it makes me feel great when just get stuck in.

But, I doubt myself a lot

I know I must try, give it my best shot. Otherwise I short change my dream.

Anyway that us my update.


All tips welcomed by my blogger friends as most of you are published. I am quite clueless.

thank you in advance

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19 replies

  1. well my suggestion would be not to put time limits on it, especially with your slow reading and health issues. But does sound like you need a time frame to stay motivated 🙂

    What would I know I’ve never tried writing one Bella 🙂

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  2. I love how honest and self aware you are about how you’re feeling during this process. I think that since you’ve pinpointed areas where you see some weaknesses or obstacles, you can now plan a way forward to help you achieve your goal. Breaking your goal into tiny little pieces will help you. For example, you could make the goal “Today I will read a chapter on brainstorming a plot. Then I will spend a half hour doing it.” I make a general plan for when I want to finish something, make attainable bite-sized goals, and adjust the longer term plan as I go along.

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    • Thank you Hetty. Really appreciate your honest tips. You and I are similar in taking baby steps.
      I am doing the pomodoro technique and it is great. And forced my self to speed read one book and take faster notes. And baby steps are working. The thing is I am not writing every day, which breaks the flow, but it might be a good thing whilst in research.

      I appreciate your time, advise and support from my heart thank you. Really helpful.😊🥰

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    • Thank you Miriam for your great advise.

      I think I know what the topic is and what I want to write. I have written many elements of the book in blog posts in my four years of blogging.

      In terms of research, I read that if you read upto 5 books of competitors, then you can ensure your book is well rounded. For me 5 going to be too much. Also, reading others books gives you idea of structure.

      I will write what I know. I dont want to research too much either. But the research is helping a bit, but it also makes me doubt. 🙃😬🙄😒.

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      • Hi Bella, I do ongoing research even when I write a blog post, so I’m not saying not to do research. I want my info to be accurate, so I always do a quick check online. The more I know, the more I know what I don’t know. I don’t want to do write about something like an average conversation. I want people to think their time and effort well spent when reading my book. I just don’t want you to research something totally new. One author said her publisher wanted her to write something in a subject totally new to her. But it also meant that they would publish her book. That was a different story.

        It seems like you’re on the right track. I read more than 5 books of the genres I write. I also read many books on writing (how to write). Yeah, I would say do what you feel comfortable of doing!! Good luck. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. You are doing pretty good, Bella and go ahead with confidence. You have great material to start a book and I would say try self publishing your book because you will unnecessary be paying a lot to these publishing houses. We are all there supporting you in your new endeavor. God bless.

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  4. It’s a great start Bella and you need to give yourself plenty of time. When I was writing my first book I kept a few poems aside for what became my second book. This enabled me to create new material that would naturally flow with those poems. So when you get a few ideas that could be further developed into a different book, it’s OK to keep those aside and see how you go from there. Take care and give yourself all the time you need 💜

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