Creating the Habit of being Grateful – Day 2

Yesterday, I wrote about creating the habit of being grateful a-day one and in that I share over 50 things to be grateful for.

Read the post below.

From today onwards I am going to share my gratitude list for the day. I will continue to do this until end of July. You are welcome to join in at home in your notebook or in the comments below.


Today’s gratitude list

  • Warm bath, bed, food, roof over our heads
  • Able to cook heart warming dishes
  • Journaling – untangling my thoughts, figure out the noise
  • Sundays
  • Health and wealth
  • Meditation
  • Chores that keep the house clean and declutter.
  • Shredding paper work.
  • Sunday stroll.
  • My mum always
  • Wrote a bit
  • Reading and growing.
  • Sunshine
  • A simple life.

What are you grateful today?

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  1. I was just thinking about it! Making gratitude lists are so awarding and keep us grounded. I had the habit of doing it, but recently I let go of it. I really should go back to it. Since you asked, here is my today’s list:
    – Waking up early and spending time with my old books
    – Jogging by the river
    – Yummy breakfast after the jogging, loaded with proteins, of course!
    – Re-potting my indoor plants this morning, so grateful they are growing a lot!
    – I found a gap of time to paint my fingernails, I fill much better when they are done
    – A simple lunch today, burgers for the boys and salad for myself
    Have a great day, Bella! Thanks for the gratitude reminder! 🙂

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