Thought for Today – Active Listening

Here is a question for you, what is Active Listening without judgement to you ? I share my thoughts below …


Active Listening – Without Judgement.

BellaSo of

Active listening without Judgement. Active listening is the art of listening, hearing, acknowledging, engaging and understanding what the other is saying. Active listening is listening, it is not preparing my answer, my response. It is being a sponge and listening.

Then when we truly listen, the way we truly read a book, we hear what they are saying. We see their body language, we hear their tone, we feel their emotions, and we are then listening without judgement and with compassion.


When we listen clearly, the way we read a book , we hear clearly. When we listen with the thought, when can I say my piece, or preparing what to say in my mind, or I want to do something else can you hurry up, we don’t listen, we judge and we are unkind.

We all want to be listened too and acknowledged when we speak – right ?

Then true listening with out judgement, is watching that movie , reading that book, painting that painting, – it is about being fully present to the other person. And you will hear in their tone, their pain, their need to be comforted. Or you will hear their need to share their story with someone they feel safe with, who they feel will understand. People talk to you for a reason, be wholehearted when you listen, be active, be non judgemental and you will hear and you will heal the relationship.

Active listening is a key skill in all aspects of life. It is a skill at your workplace, but it is a skill in your family and friends circle. Nurture it and see life blossom.

What are your thoughts on Active listening – without judgement.


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7 thoughts on “Thought for Today – Active Listening

  1. I completely agree with your profound words on active listening without judging anyone and the person who listens to the other is appreciated by many. But we have to work on this skill that many do not have and that goes for me too, Bella. Trying hard to let the other talk and listen and then say what has to be said.

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  2. Active listening is key to better relationships. I think deep down most of us know this. In American society, our way of living doesn’t permit, nor does it create space for, active listening on a regular basis. It’s as if most of us feel the need to always be prepared with an immediate answer. There is no time to just listen and then think of our answers or responses, especially in a work environment. We are expected to predict the questions and have all the answers prepared ahead of time. At least, that’s my experience. Active listening is something that I am working to focus on more often, I just had to realize that there are certain places where it will be more stressful until it becomes a habit for me.

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    1. Thank you for you experienced comment, and reading.

      Work is definitely a hard environment. And American companies, no offence are quite brutal. Ps, I am live in the UK, and British. But, have worked for us based organisations.. oh man, can be so traumatic compared to non usa companies.

      Nevertheless. I think we can in some work situations still actively listen, not all situations but some.

      And if we take the opportunity when it presents itself, it allows us to grow so much.

      Wish you every luck with this.

      Thank you for your wonderful comment, j appreciate your words and experience from the heart. 😊


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