The Killer Habit

Laziness and procrastination are killer habits.

They ensure you do not progress in your goals and dreams.

They destroy our dreams, our hopes and plans.

They make us heavy.


Each time we don’t progress in our goals and dreams, we start to carry a burden with us.

The burden gets heavier and heavier.

Laziness and procrastination are killer habits.

We dream of doing.

But, we still don’t.

Laziness and procrastination are killer habits.

We get angry, we get irritated at others for eating our time. But, they are innocent by standards for our lazy and our procrastination. It is not their fault, that I can’t do what I want to do?

It is my fault, my lazy and procrastination that is holding me back, making me irritated and angry.

The answer is so simple.

“Just Do it”


Action is the answer. Doing what we are procrastinating with will relieve the irritation, the guilt and the heaviness.

If we feel overwhelmed we should break it down in to baby steps and do each baby step at a time. We should pat our-self on the back for each little step forward and we will feel better and we will create momentum in our life and finish stuff.

Each time we give into laziness we hurt our-self. We don’t make progress and we feel more and more rubbish about our-self.

So take a pen and paper, and break the task into small baby steps and do at least one a day or may be two and see how you feel.


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