Creating the Habit of being Grateful – Day 12

On the 11th July, I wrote about creating the habit of being grateful a-day one and in that I share over 50 things to be grateful for.

Read the post below.

From the 12th July onwards I am going to share my gratitude list for the day. I will continue to do this until end of July.

You are welcome to join in at home in your notebook or in the comments below.


Today’s gratitude list

  • Enhancing my skills of being creative and frugal.
  • Embracing being Soul conscious and transforming my life.
  • Tackling projects that I should have tackled years ago.
  • Realising that as proactive and productive as I am, I do myself an injury with my laziness in certain aspects of my life.
  • For all the fortune I have in my life.

What are you grateful today?


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6 thoughts on “Creating the Habit of being Grateful – Day 12

  1. I am grateful for your message to inspire gratitude practice!

    It becomes a habit – one that gives immediate reward and has the power of compounding interest šŸ˜ŠšŸ¤£


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