40% discount Writing and blogging Courses ends 26th July 2020

I am not a writer, or journalist or anything like that. My english can be a bit, hit and miss. Nevertheless, I want to write non-fiction books.

So I took the plunge and brought two courses in September and October 2019, to help me write better. The courses are completely online, and self-paced. Meaning you can fit it around your life. All contact with the tutors is via the online portal, and a maximum of three working days is given to respond.

You have to be self disciplined and can’t be lazy. If you try to fast forward it you do yourself a disservice. Most lessons have assignment and you gain valuable tutor feedback. All tutors have a writer, journalist background, which is valuable to non writers like myself.

I bought my courses on discount. Once you are a student and they often run a sale for students that allow you to get up to 60% on courses.


What did I buy

I brought English Writing Basic, as I thought, I better get the basics right, then I bought the Creative writing course. Both bought in the autumn of 2019, and I have almost completed the English writing course. I am a third through the Creative writing course.

Now in July 2020 they are running a sale for non students and students, so I took the student discount for the web writing course, the bit of the course I am really interested in is the legal points.

Below I list out some of the content of the courses I Ibrought. And after that I provide the link to the college I am doing the courses with.


English Writing Course topics

  • Basics, spelling, grammar, punctuation, expressing information actually, writing for the web, emails, letters, summaries, persuasive writing, reports and proofreading.

Creative writing

  • The basics, note taking and style guidelines, terminology, writing techniques, write fictional prose, non fiction, poetry and drama, gathering information and content, prepare working publication.

Web Writing Course

  • The basics, glossaries and client briefs, style guides, common pitfalls, accuracy, checking facts, essential law A and B, webpage essentials, SEO Article.

On-line Courses – what is it like?

I have done a good few on-line courses, each are different. The other courses where time bound, and some not time bound.

All the writing courses I am doing aren’t time bound, which is useful. Well it was for me.

You should do your research though, before just taking any old course.

For me feedback is really important, so I know what I am doing wrong. For example, I messed up on an assignment and I had to redo it, and it was a great learning experience.

Where am I doing the courses?

I am doing my course through, the College of Media and Publishing, based in the UK, but their courses are suited for international students too. I think these courses are perfect for someone like me. I don’t classify myself a writer and I am enjoying these courses and I am really learning a lot.

Here is a link to the college of media and publishing, for you to review and take advantage of the 40% discount that ends Sunday. 26th July 2020. Not all course are at 40%.

Let me know if you end up buying a course. I might also be interested in it.

This is not a sponsored post, I don’t get anything for recommending them. But, I am trying my luck with them – lol.

One thing all these courses have shown me is that I have a terrible tendency to rush, hit send too quickly.

Do let me know if you end up buying a course. Would be good to know and you might highlight to me something I should look at.

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