Sunday Reflection & Thought- on fatigue – Dale Carnegie

We are tired by our fear, worry, frustration, irration.

We are tired by our everything.

We are tired by doing nothing.

We are tired by our laziness

We are tired by procrastination

We are tired by being overwhelmed

The answer to this fatigue is to simply do the work we need to do, that we putting off. To face the fear or the worry. Action, drive, motivation and just getting up and doing a baby step at a time will remove fatigue from our life.


Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment.

Dale Carnegie

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection & Thought- on fatigue – Dale Carnegie

  1. True words of Reality and I completely agree with Dale Carnegie because it is our over thinking that leads to frustration and fear and worries that we keep on pondering every single day and I would say unnecessary we do that and tire ourselves. Lovely post, Bella.

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