Mirror – Others are said to be A Mirror for us. Repost

Mirrors -Others are said to be A Mirror for us.

I came across this statement many years ago, at a point of turmoil in both my personal and work life.   When a dear friend said they are a mirror for me, I was internally saying to myself “what! no way”.    I knew that I was not as mature as my friend , and  I knew there was a deeper meaning that I was not getting.   I was being very literal about a mirror.

A mirror is  a direct reflection of me.   I also knew that what you don’t like about another is something  that you need to change in yourself, or that dislike becomes apart of your character.

The turmoil involved the most horrible cruelest people, who up-until that point in my life I had never met (lucky me).  I was hit both personally and professionally.  There was no escaping the pain, it felt like 24/7.  Though I meditated, read positive writing and journalled, it was hard to get past that phase.  Of course I eventually did and we all do.


I was so perplexed by the mirror statement.  I was so literal about it, “I was like but I am nice, I am not mean!”, what do I learn from this, what do I need to change.    I was quite disturbed by this.  

It took me a good while before I got it,  before I understood the beauty that others are a mirror to us.


I think the reason I did not get it, was I was in pain and in turmoil, and it did not let me understand the depth of the statement.  Also, I was not mature enough, and it was the first ever encounter in my personal and work life that I met the most cruelest, meanest people ever.


So why is this statement ” Other are said to be a Mirror for us” such a beautiful and power statement.   These are my thoughts

  1. They allow me to see where I  need to change and adapt
  2. They allow me to see how far I  have come and how far I still need to go
  3. They allow me to find peace within, as I realise that I  have grown and moved on.
  4. When they are angry at me, or show their ego to me , I realise that is where they are, it is not a reflection of me.  However, if their behaviour hurts me, then it means I have work to do  on myself.
    • I have to be more tolerant,
    • or learning to let go (water off a ducks back),
    • not to take it personally,
    • in one ear and  out the other,
    • bite my tongue,
    • not to let their thoughts and word pierce my heart.
    • not lose my beauty because of their world view
    • meditate more
    • Journal more
    • sit with the Divine more and discuss it with him, and allow him to guide me.
    • Sometimes it is just a  test of my character and resilience , to withdraw inside and just let go.    For there are people in the world who’s ego are beyond belief, even when they try to be kind and compassionate their ego just gets in the way.
    • Accept, let go , move one.  Don’t take it to my heart ever.  People’s world views may be quite disturbed.
  5. To see others as mirrors I have to have the courage to face myself.  I know  I am a work in progress.
  6. Sometime I  can not see the beauty of it because, I am  in turmoil, but I will see it one day.   No cloud stays forever, and if I have the faith and want, I will figure it out.  And sometimes, I  just have to accept, let go, move on and never every take to heart.
  7. Be-careful of any distortion in your mirror, or your ability to see.

I hope you found this useful, do let me know your thoughts and any experience you have with this.  You may have something wonderful to share that other readers may benefit from, or I might learn from to.   We are all work in progress -aren’t we.

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9 thoughts on “Mirror – Others are said to be A Mirror for us. Repost

  1. Such a deep and powerful post Bella. It sheds light on the “mirrors” in our life and what we can learn about it. Helpful tips for processing the pain.

    It makes me sad to hear stories of pain but like the quote, it does help us grow❣️🤗

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  2. Yes! This is so true! It is always hard to understand it in the moment but once you have a clear head you can see the meaning. It took me a while too but now I am able to step back and ask myself if I have a similar behavior that I need to correct. However, I only ask myself this if there is a particular person that causes these feeling on a regular basis. I don’t get there all the time, but I do make the effort.

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