Don’t Get Spammed / Spoofed! Keep yourself safe from fraudsters.

There are a lot of fraudsters out there. They attack us by phone call, by email, by text, by many ways.

Why I am writing this post. I got the weirdest of emails from PayPal. There were many things odd with it, so I tried to figure out on my paypal account what the story was. I made sure not to click on any of the links on the email, as this how they put trojan horses on your computer, or hold you to ransom on your computer. I found it a bit hard to figure how to let paypal know, but I figured it out. Click here to find out

What I want to say when something doesn’t sound right, then you must not follow through on the email, or text message, phone call etc. Never click , never act straight away, sit on it for at least 20 minutes or longer. Nothing is so urgent. Because, fraudster make us feel we need to act NOW. But, you must not. Sit on it, for 20 mins or an hour. Then investigate it, by speaking to the company direct and don’t use the phone number on the email that you have been givenn or text message or phone call.

Please read the following articles to help you be aware.

FTC – How to spot a Spam etc. Click here.

UK .gov . click here

National cyber security centre uk – click here

Please read the links I gave up above, as they help you understand. And you will find on most companies website they will give customers guidelines on how to protect yourself.

Knowledge is power! Sit on something is even greater power. Meditate will give you clarity and you will slow down and realise this is fake and cheating me.

I would encourage you to mark emails as spam and delete clicking nowhere. But, it is important to report them too,becomes companies then do more to protect us.

I hope you keep safe.

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13 thoughts on “Don’t Get Spammed / Spoofed! Keep yourself safe from fraudsters.

  1. You know what, I received an email from Amazon saying I needed to click on their link, blah blah blah and something told me not to do it. Something was off about the email. I wasn’t able to notice it until the next day. There was a misspelled word. I deleted it.

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