Quote of the Day – Rumi

Live fully, don’t let your fears and worries get in the way of living a great life. No matter what we are facing in the world today don’t let that stop you from living. It may that what we face today changes our outlook on life, it might make see the beauty in living a simple life and only buying what is essential. It might make us think what is life really about. And if the answers reveal to you another way of living then that could be a beautiful aim.

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below, what this quotes means to you. And what hopes, dreams, and realisations you have had during this very hard time .

The Garden of the World has no limits, Except in your Mind


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I believe that the thoughts we create impact our life greatly. If we are able to change our thoughts, redirect them, catch our negative thinking.We can change our life. Read my 'About' page to find out more about thoughtsnlifeblog.com

19 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Rumi

    1. No problem poop away – lol.

      The snakes are limits in an ironic manner. Their snake-y-ness creates a limit in us. In that we colours ours eyes, and makes us believe there is no good in this world. When intact there still a lot of good.

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      1. You’re right, we’ve got to not let them color our view of everyone. It’s just so hard for me 😞 but I know life is better that way. Like Jesus said–be wise as serpents but innocent as doves. Plus we need to look out for others and help them improve their gardens, as well.

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  1. The quote reminds me a lot of Mary Oliver’s “Whoever you are / no matter how lonely, / the world offers itself to your imagination / calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting– / over and over announcing your place / in the family things.” When I think of both quotes I think of how we can make do with little, or maybe not so much with little, but with all that’s available to us already. Hence, not putting limits to our thinking and using our imagination. One of my hopes during this time is to keep strong.


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