Meditation Commentary – A Reflection on Karma

Karma I feel is greatly misunderstood. We seem to understand Karma as a negative state. We say oh it is Karma! But, the Law of Karma is as simple ‘As you SOW, so shall you REAP’. Which, in practical terms mean, if I sow good actions, thoughts, word (seeds) then I reap the reward of that goodness. If I sow bad actions, thoughts, or words then I will have to pay for that.

I am 100% for my actions, my thoughts and my words. What I did yesterday impacts me today. What I do today impacts my future. I am 100% responsible for the state of my life.


God, can not be blamed, nor can God be held responsible for my bad luck. Only I can be because I am the who created it. Therefore, with this understanding, I sow new, good, clean , positive thoughts and do elevated actions, so I reap the reward of my good actions. God has given us free will, therefore the choice is ours.

Also, when bad luck or ill health impact someone else’s life, I have the wisdom and compassion to wish them well, and not say oh it is their karma. Because that is unkind, cruel and not compassionate and it becomes a negative thought from me to them, a negative energy flow and I create negative karma that I will have to pay for. But, seriously, we should not think or speak such things, it shows that we don’t have compassion or kindness. We don’t think, if some said that the me.

Karma is a friend. The understanding of the law of Karma makes us wise if we choose to be wise. We can change the direction of our life.

As usual this meditation is from the release your wings YouTube channel ( that is these are not my creation).

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5 thoughts on “Meditation Commentary – A Reflection on Karma

  1. Very well said. I was researching karma the other day and came to a similar conclusion. I agree that we are responsible for our actions, and that our actions impact our overall wellbeing and “inner peace.” Those who do not have inner peace, where neuroticism runs rampant, are ultimately living in their own hell aka. bad karma.

    In the western world, we like to think that karma will get the person one day, but with this way of thinking, karma has already got them. Lack of inner peace is the worst karma.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful contemplation on the topic of karma. Love reading others thoughts.

      Karma is quite simple. As you sow so shall you reap. Just do good, fair,compassionate,
      kind, and right to get good return. Simple. Anything negative or unkind that is done will result in that. Focus on good and doing good, not only will your karma be good but so will our character.

      Thank you again

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